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A New Awakening

By: Jonathan Hilsden. From my early childhood I knew that God loved me, and that He sent his Son Jesus to die for my sins. This was the formation I received as an Evangelical Missionary’s son. I can seldom remember a time that I doubted His love for me until I...

Opening Up

By: Amanda Walsh. Today I look at my faith journey, shake my head, and smile in amazement. It is amazing to see how God’s plan was to lead me towards CCO as a career. It is no exaggeration to say that Jesus was my best friend growing up, the one...

The Unusual Plan

By: Cameron Beare. Growing up, I always expected my life to look like that of my parents and role models; attain a university education, get a job, get married, and have kids- the usual. However, my conversion brought God into the picture and turned everything on its head. In the...

His Unimaginable Dream

By: Annie Brown. During my third year of nursing at Queen’s, I began to realize what kind of work I wanted to do. My heart was set on working in maternity nursing- what a privilege it would be to help women bring new life into the world! I was also...

Hand-me-down? I don’t get it.

By: Vicki McEachern. As an only child, I didn’t have the in-house experience of hand-me-downs. The flow of stuffs from older to younger to youngest started and ended with… me. Add to this my consistently above-average height, and the result? An attitude that a good fit comes with an expiration...

The Fight

By: Joseph San Jose. I t wasn’t easy figuring out God’s plan for my life. In discerning my options after graduating from UBC, I had a strong desire to serve the Church in a full-time capacity, but I wasn’t too sure where exactly He was calling me. The idea of working...

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Good News from Catholic Christian Outreach

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Sharing Truth Through Love