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Why Giving Up 30 Minutes of Sleep is a Great Idea

On most days, my alarm clock is my son Joseph. I scramble out of bed, throw on some crumpled clothes I found on the floor, and chuck any un-baby safe items in the never ending pile in our closet. On days like this – which let’s be honest are most...

Church’s Mission Calls for Heroes

I grew up loving the stories of heroes. Larger than life characters like Spider-Man, Superman, and Luke Skywalker showed me that through dedication and hard work, anyone could do the right thing and become a hero. My Catholic family showed me that Jesus Christ was a great example of a...

Mission Team Surprised by God

There’s just no preparing for what God will do on a mission trip. Preparation is important, and the thorough packing lists, vaccinations and travel visas are key. But it’s the unexpected moments that can become the mission highlights. Mission team member Maria Arsenault recalls a baffling situation brought on by...

Local Faithful Join CCO in Evangelization

We met Bob Mitchell when he volunteered for the Impact Mission in Vancouver this summer [2015]. He has been a member of St. Andrew’s Parish for 41 years, Bob is a big believer in the Discovery Faith Study. We asked him to tell us about it and to share his...

Mexico Mission Acts with Mercy

Sixteen students and CCO staff escaped the frigid Canadian winter to sunny Mexico City last February. This was no beach trip. For these young missionaries, this was a chance to unite the Gospel message with corporal acts of mercy. Craig Johring, an inspiring Catholic missionary who has been living in...

Going Anywhere, From Coast to Coast

One of CCO’s campus missionaries told me his secret to getting up each morning to pray. He would awaken to his alarm and an all-too-familiar desire to hit snooze and roll over. But, instead of that, he trained himself to say, “I will go anywhere you want me to go.”...

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