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Montreal 2015

Calgary 2014


Audio Recordings

Alana Beharry Living as a Christian Today – Practicals of the Spiritual Life 2015
CCOVocations for Men 2015
Joseph San Jose Testimony Writing 101 2015
Chris O'Hara Introduction to Apologetics 2015
Fr. Terry Donahue, CC Theology of the Body Apologetics 2015
AJ Plant “Let’s get down to business” – Faith in the Corporate world 2015
Michael Hall Making Sense of the Bible 2015
Annie Flaherty “I’m terrible at evangelization” 2015
Sr. Maria Regina, SV Keys for Discernment for 20 somethings 2015
Fr. Garrick Huang FSSP Where do our Church’s traditions come from? 2015
Dennis and Angelina Girard Divine Mercy 2015
Katerine Perrault Introduction to Theology of the Body 2015
Michael Dopp Mission 2.0 – Your Life 2015
Andrew Nobauer Discipline and Self-Control – Needed Virtues 2015
Eric and Vanessa Chow Mary Leads Us to Jesus 2014
Fr. Cristino Bouvette The Holy Mass 2014
Scott Roy Why Confession? 2014
Msgr. Gregory Smith Sharing A Toothbrush Holder: Good or Bad Idea? 2014
Chris Pickup Prayer: Back to Basics 2014
Sr. Antoniana Maria Women's Session 2014
Chelsey Kress Leaders Everywhere 2014
Chris O'Hara Setting the World Ablaze: If Not You, Then Who? 2014
Lee Leonard The Kerygma Enigma 2014
Ben Turland Virtual Witnessing 2014
Sr. John Mary Building A Culture of Life on Campus 2014
Peter and Catherine Van Kampen"And They Lived Happily Ever After" 2014
Neil Patterson and Joanne Piquette Mission and Charity 2014
Sr. Helena BurnsTheology of the Body2013
Renée SylvainHappy Are You Poor2013
Darrell HallChristian Apologetics2013
Fr. Thomas RosicaEvangelization through the Eyes of Saints2013
Sr. Cecilia RoseDiscernment: Where do I Start?2013
Jacqueline LaveryDiscipleship: One Person at a Time2013
Theresa MandersonGospel Clear & Simple: Sharing the Kerygma2013
Eric FilionLeading Worship2013
Fr. Francis DonnellyA Heart for the World2013
George DevasseyGreat Expectations2013
Patrick FletcherPrayer Through Music2013
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