Personal Development

PD1: Why Should I Go To Mass?

PD2: The Other Six Days

PD3: Contraception: Why Not

PD4: Unplugged

PD5: Forgiveness

PD6: Holy Spirit & Prayer

PD7: The Treasure Principle: God, Your Money and You

PD8: Faith & Fitness

Living your Apostolate

LA1: Impacting Your Parish

LA2: Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia: Communicating Clarity with Compassion

LA3: It’s Too Expensive

LA4: Faith in the Fields: Teaching

LA5: Leadership Principles

LA6: Intro to Catholic Apologetics

LA7: “You Did It To Me”

LA8: Be Not Afraid: The Kerygma

We bring together hundreds of Catholic young adults for an extraordinary conference.