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What Is Rise Up?

Revive This Generation

Conference Theme

Rise Up is a conference for young adults (aged 18-35) hosted by Catholic Christian Outreach, a Canadian university student movement – but Rise Up is more than a conference. It exists to motivate and inspire leaders for the renewal of the world.


Hyatt Regency Calgary

Dec 28 - Jan 1

The Hyatt Regency Calgary

700 Centre St. SE
Calgary, AB
T2G 5P6

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Encourage. Equip. Empower.

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Bishop Christian_AMGphoto-1004_Med_Final-website

Bishop Christian Riesbeck, CC
Auxiliary Bishop, Ottawa Archdiocese

John Chick

John Chick
Defensive Line for the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Matt 3

Matt Fradd
Catholic Apologist & Speaker


Bishop Frederick Henry
Bishop, Diocese of Calgary


Sessions and Workshops

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Personal Development

  • PD1: Back to the Basics
    • Speaker: Christopher Pickup (CCO Staff)

      Get “back to the basics” in order to build a solid foundation for a life of daily personal prayer. Whether you only pray grace at meals or have a regular “personal prayer time” or anything in between, you can find help here! The workshop will discuss the many benefits of regular personal prayer, as well as some of the obstacles along the way. You will learn:

      • Where and when to pray
      • What to do for your prayer time
      • How to connect prayer to everyday life
      • How to overcome obstacles to prayer

  • PD2: Confession
    • Speaker: Scott Roy (CCO Staff)

      Why do I need to go to confession to a priest? Why can’t I just pray directly to Jesus for forgiveness? If you find yourself dreading confession, wondering if you really have to go, or someone asking you these tough questions, come find out more! Learn that there is nothing to fear in this incredible gift of mercy and forgiveness and how to share that with those you know who are near and far from Christ.

  • PD3: Mary Leads Us to Jesus
    • Speaker: Eric and Vanessa Chow (CCO Staff)

      Learn more about the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe and how her example can help us in our efforts in the New Evangelization to be missionary disciples of Jesus!

  • PD4: Sharing a Toothbrush Holder: Good Idea or Bad Idea?
    • Speaker: Msgr. Gregory Smith (Pastor, Christ the Redeemer Parish, West Vancouver)

      What if every night was a date night? Half off rent. Half off grocery bill. $0 cost of commuting to see the one you love. There are many benefits to living with your significant other before marriage. But have you ever considered any other effects? How does cohabitation really affect your relationship with your partner. How does it affect your relationship with God? Come read all the fine print before you turn the key.

  • PD5: Is Change Possible in my Life: Freedom from Attachment & Addiction
    • Speaker: Fr. Allan MacDonald, CC (Vocations Director, Companions of the Cross)

      Are you or someone you love seriously struggling with a vice or ‘bad habit’?  Has it become an addiction? Have you tried to stop the behaviour but can’t stay stopped?  Are you falling into hopelessness, thinking there’s no way to freedom? Well there is hope! … Freedom from attachment and addiction is possible!  This workshop will give us hope and the practical tips & tools we all need for living a life free from attachment & addiction, one day at a time.

  • PD6: The Holy Mass
    • Speaker: Fr. Cristino Bouvette (Diocese of Calgary)

      “Why do I have to go to Mass on Sundays?” Maybe you have wondered this at some point in your life, or been asked by a friend or co-worker. “Why not just pray on a hike or meditate on the beach?” Jesus invites us to a deep and ongoing encounter with Him in the Eucharist each Sunday. How can we meet Him in the Mass and share with others that Sunday Mass is not just our obligation as Catholics, but also joy-filled and life-giving?

  • PD7: Women’s Session
    • Speaker: Holly Leonard (CCO Staff)

      Growing up in today’s culture many women find they struggle with poor self-image and many other common discouragements. If we are “fearfully & wonderfully made”, why is it we don’t feel this way in so many circumstances? With Jesus, we can conquer the lies we’ve come to believe. He desires us to be free & fully alive! (Note: an optional men’s session will be offered earlier in the conference)

  • PD8: Seeing Through the Darkness of Suffering and Evil
    • Speaker: Darrell Hall (Teacher of Religious Education)

      Suffering and evil are spoken of throughout the scriptures; they inform the whole story. However, Jesus never offered a philosophical or theoretical explanation to any of the suffering he encountered. Instead, he asked us to persist in hope and faith, to trust in God, whatever the circumstances. But the heart of the issue of suffering and evil is a moral one: a serious moral dilemma remains and the answers to these questions are found in examining God’s objectives in creation and in Jesus’ ministry.

Living your Apostolate

  • LA1: The Kerygma Enigma
    • Speaker: Lee Leonard (CCO Staff)

      Have you ever heard the word “Kerygma” and thought, ‘It’s all Greek to me!” This workshop will unpack one of the top buzz words of the New Evangelization and help you to know and share the basic Gospel message with others.

  • LA2: Leaders Everywhere
    • Speaker: Chelsey Kress (CCO Staff)

      Getting ready for graduation and entering the workforce? It’s pretty common to start at the bottom and work your way to the top of an organization or to find yourself on a committee or team where you are not the boss.  Leadership is not about position, but ultimately lies in influence. In this workshop you will find out how to truly be a leader with or without a title!

  • LA3: Mission and Charity
    • Speaker: TBD

      “…the Church is not an NGO. The Church is sent to bring Christ and his Gospel to all…” – Pope Francis. When we hear the words “Mission” and “Charity” we automatically think of providing for the physical needs of the poor here at home or in other countries. Yet, the mission field of spiritually poor is closer than we think. How can we respond to Jesus’ call to meet the needs of both  spiritual  and physical poverty?

  • LA4: Setting the World Ablaze: If not you, then who?
    • Speaker: Chris O’Hara (Coordinator of Program Promotion, St. Therese Institute)

      At your baptism, God gave you charisms (or gifts) to build up the Kingdom. These include things like teaching, evangelism, administration, writing, encouragement. When you work in line with your charisms, you are energized and also the most effective! This workshop is designed to help you discover the charisms God gave you, understand how they can be used, and help you in figuring out your role in building up the kingdom of God and how you can cultivate your gifts.

  • LA5: Virtual Witnessing
    • Speaker: Ben Turland (CCO Staff)

      Katy Perry is doing it. LeBron James is doing it. Barack Obama is doing it. Pope Francis is doing it. Are you doing it? Everyone is posting, tweeting, status updating, and instagramming in order to connect and influence the masses. These channels of new media are powerful. How can you intentionally use your social media accounts to change the world? This workshop is designed to help you become a person of influence in the virtual sphere.

  • LA6: Building a Culture of Life on Campus
    • Speaker: Sr. John Mary, Sisters of Life

      Your roommate confides in you that she is pregnant. A friend is battling pornography addiction. You see friends looking for love in all the wrong places. How can young Catholics foster a culture of life in a university setting?… Based on St. John Paul II encyclical The Gospel of Life, this workshop will give you resources and tools to be an effective and prayerful witness to life in the midst of your campus.

  • LA7: “And they lived happily ever after…”
    • Speaker: Peter Van Kampen

      “Families are the home Church where Jesus grows. He grows in spouses’ love and in the children’s lives.” -Pope Francis (@Pontifex) Are you considering the vocation of marriage? Then this workshop for you! Come find out about the great graces and responsibilities that marriage and family life entails.

  • LA8: I am Convinced: God, the Truth and You
    • Speaker: Darrell Hall (Teacher of Religious Education)

      Christianity has intellectually satisfying answers to the questions of meaning, morality, and existence, but any apologetic that does not flow from, or to, the Cross is ultimately a bankrupt apologetic.  Our apologetic, the answer we have, is Jesus’ life, his death, and his resurrection. This is why we have hope.  But how do we present this hope to our youth?  They need to know and understand WHY they believe in Jesus so they can share that hope with others.


Make His Praise Glorious

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“Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious.” - Psalm 66.2

Worship invites us to lift our hearts, hands and voices in praise of our God! In prayer, our worship draws us near to the heart of God and brings us to encounter with Him. Worship has always been upheld as a special charism of CCO and we pray that together our voices would be lifted as one for the glory of our God!

Worship Team

Introducing the 2014 Rise Up Calgary Worship Team:

Nick Zambon – lead acoustic guitar; lead male vocal
Chelsey Kress – lead female vocal; keys
Andre Morrill – bass guitar
Andre Doucette – lead electric guitar
Cameron Turner – auxiliary percussion, guitar, vocals
Kyle Doucette – percussion