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25th Anniversary Conference

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What Is Rise Up?

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Conference Theme

Rise Up is a conference for young adults (aged 18-35) hosted by Catholic Christian Outreach, a Canadian university student movement – but Rise Up is more than a conference. It exists to motivate and inspire leaders for the renewal of the world.

“All that matters is that in any and every way… Christ is being proclaimed! That is what brings me joy.” - Philippians 1:18

What started with a handful of young Catholics in a Bible study 25 years ago at the University of Saskatchewan has grown to become a nationwide movement that has impacted thousands of lives in Canada and around the world. Join us and make your mark on the future! Rise Up 2013 will compel you to become men and women of mission and holiness as you see the incredible potential that lies before you.

It will be a conference unlike any other, bringing together past and present members of CCO with unique celebrations that only an anniversary can occasion. So mark your calendars now and join us in Ottawa for Rise Up 2013!


The Delta Ottawa City Centre

Dec 28 - Jan 1

To celebrate our 25th anniversary year, Catholic Christian Outreach is hosting our Rise Up National Conference in the nation’s capital!

The Delta Ottawa City Centre

101 Lyon Street N
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 5T9

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*Due to the high volume of registrations, a small portion of “hotel package” participants will be staying at a neighbouring hotel to the Delta, based on the date of their registration.*



Encourage. Equip. Empower.

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Fr. Clair Watrin - website

Fr. Clair Watrin, CSB
Founding Spiritual Director of CCO

Profound and Compelling Communicator of the Love of God the Father

Sr. Miriam - website2

Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT
Director for the Apostolic Novitiate, Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity

Captivating Speaker, Passionate about the Transforming Power of Authentic Love

Audrey Assad - website2

Audrey Assad
Independant Singer, Musician and Songwriter

Talented and Captivating Catholic Artist

Fr. Raymond - website

Fr. Raymond de Souza
Editor-in-chief, Convivium

Chaplain, Teacher, Vatican Commentator

Henri Lemay - website

Henri Lemay
President of Catholic Charismatic Renewal of French Canada

Leader and Teacher on Healing and the Holy Spirit

Archbishop Gerald Lacroix - website2

Archbishop Gérald Lacroix, ISPX
Archbishop of Québec, Primate of Canada

Fervent in Proclaiming the Gospel, Participant in the Synod on the New Evangelization


Sessions and Workshops

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Personal Development

  • PD1 – Emotional Virtue (for women)
    • Speaker: Sr. Helena Burns, fsp (Daughters of St. Paul)

      As women, it can be very easy to get caught up in imagining our futures (Pinterest, any one?) and letting our emotions take over, especially when it comes to our relationships with men. How are we called to have healthy friendships and romantic relationships with men without imagining our lives years into the future–or fantasizing about the present? How can we deepen our relationship with Jesus, the true Bridegroom of every soul? How can we make Jesus our foundation, going to Him first, and growing to trust Him and allow Him to fill and sustain us as we discern His plan for our lives? Discover how to grow in emotional virtue so our hearts can be free to love with integrity.

  • PD2 – Emotional Virtue (for men)
    • Speaker: TBD

      Confused? We know what emotions are, and we know what virtue is, but how do they work together? Emotional virtue is all about realigning our own hearts in hopes of realigning our relationships with one another. If we aren’t in control of our emotions, then they will control us; and when they control us, we are no longer free to love. Emotional virtue, therefore, frees us to truly love with an undivided heart. Come to this session and learn how you are practicing, and how you are not practicing, emotional virtue.

  • PD3 – Prayer Through Music
    • Speaker: Patrick Fletcher (Senior Advisor for Theology and Social Doctrine, CCCB)

      Music, great music, distends the spirit, arouses profound emotions and almost naturally invites us to raise our minds and hearts to God in all situations of human existence, the joyful and the sad. Music can become prayer.” – Pope Benedict XVI
      From chants to contemporary music, discover the many ways we can pray through music.

  • PD4 – Discernment: Where Do I Start?
    • Speaker: Sr. Cecilia Rose, SV (Sisters of Life)

      Discernment can be daunting and sometimes scary; it can be hard to even know where to begin. We know that there are decisions in life that need to be discerned but how do we know how to hear God’s voice or know how to make the right choice. Come learn more about discernment, whether you’re discerning how to spend your summer, you career or your vocation.

  • PD5 – Happy Are You Poor
    • Speaker: Renee Sylvain

      In a culture overcome with materialism and consumerism, it can be difficult, but not impossible, to relate to Jesus who lived simply and declared the poor “blessed”. Looking at principles taught by Christ in the Gospel and to the lifestyle and teachings of our Holy Father Pope Francis, we will explore how living the beatitude of poverty brings freedom, joy and greater intimacy with God.

  • PD6 – Contraception, Why Not?
    • Speaker: Zachary & Veronica Timinski (CCO Student Alumni)

      This workshop will have French translation available to those who purchase headsets.

      Up until 1930 all Christian Churches taught that using artificial contraception was wrong. To this day the Catholic Church keeps insisting, in the face of the opposite position held by most of the modern world, that using contraception is not ok. Come to this session to see what’s wrong with contraception and learn how to defend and explain this belief to family and friends.

  • PD7 – Great Expectations
    • Speaker: George Devassy (Jesus Youth)

      Having Great Expectations is one of CCO’s founding tenets. The principle stems from this scripture, “We believe that God can do more that we can ever ask or imagine by his power at work within us.” (Eph 3:20). Sometimes its hard to believe that God wants good things for us, or we believe he wants good things, but we aren’t aware of how great his plans for us are. We can get stuck on settling for the way things are, and not believing we deserve much more than that.  The truth is God wants to work through us by the Holy Spirit to accomplish abundantly more than we could ever imagine! Discover how living with Great Expectations can transform your own relationship with God and your apostolate!

  • PD8 – Can Friendship Be Spiritual? (Translated)
    • Speaker: Br. Simon Lessard, OP

      This workshop will be given in French and have English translation available to those who purchase headsets.

      Can you define “friendship”? What does it mean to you and how does it change your life? There is a tendency, in today’s culture, to trivialize friendship. It becomes a simple commodity and its title is given to almost everyone and everything. However, by being our model, Jesus shows us that friendship is actually a gift essential to the Christian life. It is the way by which we can grow in holiness and in mission.

Living your Apostolate

  • LA1 – Science, Religion, and Faith: The Challenge of Modern Atheism
    • Speaker: Darrell Hall (Teacher of Religious Education at the Senior High Level)

      It has been asserted that religion and faith are the enemies of science and rational thinking. The Four Horsemen of the New Atheism (Hitchens, Dawkins, Dennett and Harris) have challenged religion and faith and accused them of being abusive ideology that is not only anti-scientific, but anti-human. We will examine recent scientific discoveries and research and their impact on our understanding of creation, and provide a positive defense of our faith while demonstrating how science and religion can exist in positive relationship to each other.

  • LA2 – Leading Worship
    • Speaker: Eric Filion (CCO Staff)

      *This workshop requires that you play an instrument (guitar/keyboard).* You have probably heard the famous line, “He who sings prays twice”. The worship leader has a bigger role to play than to provide a crowd with entertainment. In this workshop, you will be given tools to lead others into worship and to help others pray twice. You will be better equipped to serve in your parish, youth ministry and the Church through your gift of music.

  • LA3 – Same-Sex Attraction (Translated)
    • Speaker: Fr. Terry Donahue & Josh Nadeau (Companions of the Cross priest & CCO staff alumni)

      This workshop will have French translation available to those who purchase headsets.

      What exactly is the Church’s teaching on sexuality, and how can we share it in compassion and love with those who disagree? What does it look like for someone with a same-sex attraction to live chastely in accordance with the Church? Come and learn how we can speak with family, friends and others who have questions, arguments, or want to understand more about what the Church teaches and believes.

  • LA4 – How to Make a Difference in Your Parish (Translated)
    • Speaker: Michael Dopp (Mission of the Redeemer Ministries)

      This workshop will have French translation available to those who purchase headsets.

      Your parish is more than the place where you attend Mass every Sunday. Your parish is an important ground to share the Gospel, to build up leaders and strengthen a community. Perhaps you have been praying and hoping that new life be given to it. But how can you respond to the need in your parish for ministry? This workshop will help you understand the goals of parish ministry and how you can get involved.

  • LA5 – Discipleship: One Person at a Time
    • Speaker: Jacqueline Lavery (CCO Staff)

      Jesus said, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). That could seem like a tall order, how can a small group of people reach the whole world? It is possible through discipleship, focusing on one person at a time. Through the model Jesus gave to us himself, discover the importance of entrusting both the message and mission of Christ in the context of a relationship.

  • LA6 – Gospel Clear & Simple: Sharing the Kerygma
    • Speaker: Theresa Manderson (CCO Staff)

      Proclaiming the Gospel clearly and simply is one of CCO’s founding tenets. You can also call it the Kerygma, the basic Gospel message. At some point in all our lives, someone shared the Gospel message with us: mom or dad, a good friend, a CCO staff member, a priest, maybe the pope (hey, some of us are truly blessed). We are blessed with many great relationships, but do they know who Jesus is? Have they heard the Gospel message clearly and simply? Here, you will be given tools to effectively share the Kerygma so that others can also respond!

  • LA7 – A Heart for the World
    • Speaker: Fr. Francis Donnelly (Companions of the Cross)

      “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many.” (Matt 7:13) What holds us back in evangelization? Do you ever think, subconsciously or otherwise, that the consequences of our sin isn’t really that bad; that ‘the gate is wide and the road broad’ that leads to eternal life, rather than the other way around? Come to grow a heart for the world; for all souls to know Jesus and to help them to choose the ‘narrow gate’.

  • LA8 – Evangelization Through the Eyes of the Saints
    • Speaker: Fr. Thomas Rosica, CSB (CEO, Salt + Light Catholic Media Foundation)

      In recent decades, popes like John Paul II, Benedict XVI or Paul VI, have clearly expressed that all Christian people are, by their baptism, called to be evangelists, to share Christ with others. Saints are our greatest models: from Mary of Magdala to Paul of Tarsus to Pier Giorgio Frassati and the list goes on. Saints, from the beginning, have shown us that evangelization is not measured by methods but by their passion for the Gospel. By looking at the lives of some of these saints we will see what is as the heart of their apostolic life.


Make His Praise Glorious

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“Sing forth the honour of his name: make his praise glorious.” - Psalm 66.2

Worship invites us to lift our hearts, hands and voices in praise of our God! In prayer, our worship draws us near to the heart of God and brings us to encounter with Him. Worship has always been upheld as a special charism of CCO and we pray that together our voices would be lifted as one for the glory of our God!

Worship Team

Chelsey Kress: Lead Vocals @chelsey_kress

Conor George: Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar @conorgmusic

Andre Doucette: Electric Guitar

Andre Morrill: Bass

Dave Dumais: Piano & Keyboard

Cameron Turner: Drums & Percussion

Jordan Clayton: Violin

Nick Zambon: Main Sound Engineer