Free Popcorn?

Maybe something like this happened to you…

You were walking through campus, focused on finding your classroom or meeting up with your friends when you were distracted from your business by the delicious aroma of freshly popped popcorn. It was too much to resist, and when you found all that all you had to do get some of that salty, buttery goodness was fill out a short survey you were sold. And then your life was changed forever.

Over the years, thousands of students have filled out the CCO Popcorn Survey. Hundreds of students have been followed up, taken faith studies, invited into a relationship with Jesus and challenged to live as Catholics for the renewal of the world. It all starts with a simple activity of handing out popcorn, but somehow each bag of popcorn is the beginning of an epic story of conversion, redemption and new life!

It’s incredible that such simple activity can have such powerful consequences. A missionary heart is one that seeks out the lost, those who do not know Jesus, or do not know Him well enough.  CCO Missionaries live out of this disposition, desiring that each person would come to know the redemptive love of Jesus Christ.  The reason CCO does popcorn surveys is this “heart for the lost”, a desire to meet new people with the intention of sharing the gospel message with them and inviting them into a relationship with Jesus! This is an integral aspect of the call to be a missionary with CCO! And God works powerfully through this disposition. He sees the hearts of the staff and student leaders, sees how it is a reflection of His own heart, and He showers down grace upon each encounter at the popcorn table.

If you are on a CCO campus, go check out the survey table! Hang around, help hand out surveys and gather contacts, and watch each epic story begin!  Let God grow your own Heart for the Lost!

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