God is Doing All This in Canada

Today was the thanksgiving mass for St. Kateri (properly pronounced CAT er ee). I was struck by the sight of so many Bishops of Canada, and Cardinal Collins gathered around the altar at St. John Lateran (a major Basilica of Rome ) to celebrate with joy and pride the holiness of this young aboriginal woman. Could she have ever imagined such a crowning to her life of faith? Never. I tell people that CCO finds a friend in her, because she is a Canadian college-aged Saint, in fact the only Canadian college-aged saint.

The mass also reminded me of my experience at the thanksgiving mass for St. Br. André – both were a rich time of gathering of Canadians within the heart of the Church to celebrate holiness and pray for our native land. André observed that both of these new Saints are very simple souls, humble, and holy. Neither left any written works. After receiving Eucharist (at both of these masses) I went on my knees to intercede with these Saints for Canada.

As mass closed with heavenly choral music (Handel’s Hallelujah),  I turned behind me to see a beautiful couple with their eyes closed and arms raised in Worship.I could  just tell they were interceding for Canada-totally focused in on the Lord, while everyone else was already milling around and visiting.

A few moment later we visited with Dennis Savoie, Deputy Supreme Knight, and his wife Claudette. He introduced us to Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick. He is the first aboriginal Lieutenant Governor in Canadian history and not only a Knight of Columbus, and practicing Catholic but he is also devoted to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Apparently every room in his residence and offices has an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and that when he had his first press conference as Lieutenant Governor he stopped the press and told them he wanted to open in prayer before any questions! (In Canada you say?!) We invited him to come to Rise Up in Halifax, because he would like to see CCO  in his province.  He said, “And if I come I would like to talk about Our Lady of Guadalupe”   Alright then. As that conversation drew to a close I thought about  Mr. Nicholas and thought he is a sign of God’s working in this land. He is such a sign of hope, faith , boldness and zeal. He’s the real deal. Here’s his bio:


God is doing something for Canada: WYD Toronto, IEC Quebec, St. Br. André and  St. Kateri. There are special graces being poured out on our country since the Jubilee year! What a privilege to be part of this historical time in  Canada.

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