On the Shoulders of Giants

Does October 18th, 1988 mean anything to you?

It may not be a date that popular history records as important, but it was on this day that the first CCO Faith Study was led at the University of Saskatchewan.

Each year on October 18th, CCO missionaries gather together in their different cities to celebrate our Foundation Day. Twenty three years ago, CCO was started by André and Angèle Regnier with just one Faith Study. Today, CCO missionaries serve on ten campuses across Canada and the movement serves the Church around the world through its various mission projects and outreach initiatives.

Foundation Day is more than just CCO’s birthday. It is a day that has forever marked our lives. It is here that started the chain of spiritual multiplication that led to our conversions. It is here that started the conversions of the thousands of university students and young adults that we have been blessed to share the Gospel with. It is here that the circumstances were set in motion that led many of us to meet our spouse or find our vocation.

As we think back to these and other experiences, we have a chance to reflect on how the Lord has brought CCO to the position it is in today. We can reflect on the countless hours staff members over the last twenty three years have worked tirelessly and prayed incessantly for the conversion of university students. We can reflect on the many tears of joy for the conversions we have been blessed to see, and the tears of sorrow for the “ones that got away”. We can reflect on the highs and lows in the history of the movement, the moments of greatest strength and greatest weakness. In all of this, we see that we are standing on the shoulders of giants. We first of all stand on the shoulders of André and Angèle, for each CCO staff member’s call is an echo of their call to found CCO. But we also stand on the shoulders of the many staff, students, supporters, and friends of the movement who blazed the trail before us, who helped to uncover God’s plan for CCO. Without them, CCO would be but a shadow of what it is today.

CCO Foundation Day is an opportunity to look to the past with a heart of gratitude, but also an opportunity to look towards the future with great expectations. For this is what the “giants” of our movement have always done. Today, we stand on the shoulders of the “giants” of the past. Tomorrow, future generations of staff and students will stand on our shoulders, looking to the past with gratitude and to the future with great expectations. Are you called to be one of those “giants”? Will you help us blaze the trail towards the renewal of the world?

We’re invested in developing leaders for the renewal of the world right in our university campuses. If you are a student, or know a student who is on fire for evangelization check out our Scholarship!

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