The Language of Evangelization

“All that matters is Jesus be proclaimed this is what brings me joy.” Eph 3:20

At the closing banquet of the International gathering of Friends in the New Evangelization on Campus someone asked me what was the highlight of my day.

I sat for a moment and immediately Cardinal Wuerl (relator general of Synod) and Archbishop Fisichella (President of Pontifical Council of New Evangelization) came to mind. These men were incredibly gifted speakers, big movers and shakers at the Synod, and filled with joy.  As I watched them share with us, the day after the Synod closed, I was captivated by the indescribable joy and life that radiated from them.  This was shocking considering from the past month they had been working long hours day and night at the Synod.  These men should seem drained, but as they spoke about evangelization, they were vibrant and captivating.  I didn’t want them to stop.  There was such depth flowing from them.

Then it hit me, these men live and breathe an area that encapsulates the whole of life- evangelization. Encountering Jesus touches on the whole of life- family, art, love, music, identity, relationships, and so much more.  Cardinal Wuerl and Archbishop Fisichella are ambassadors for evangelization so of course, as Ephesians promises, joy would flow from them.  The second thing that spoke to me about these men was their personal witness- their love, encouragement, their generosity of time and the words that flowed from them.  These men had every excuse to not come to our gathering of 30 people in the midst of days full of meetings, but they both took time to encourage our work with university students and to share their wisdom.  I could see how much they believed in the work of all the movements here.  These are holy men.  We speak their language.  The Church’s language of evangelization.  I pray, and it is my heart’s desire, that I can radiate Christ in me, with as much joy and life as they do.

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