Two Miracles and More Encouragement

First miracle:  last night our air conditioner unit, dripped. A lot. It created a puddle on top of our dresser about a 2-3mm deep. Andre’s Macbook was sitting on that dresser. We panicked dried off the computer, but water continued from it. We removed the battery and tried to let it dry out. I am typing to you right now on that computer. It’s miraculous. (Of course you should never try to start a wet computer. Everyone knows that but us, we tried to start it about 30 times). Thank you God.

Second miracle: I felt the Lord gave me a “word of encouragement” for someone of importance in the Church that we had met this week. I didn’t have an opportunity to share it at the time, but felt strongly that I should speak into this important person’s life, who is often isolated and encounters many critical voices. Earlier today, while “on the road to Emmaus” (that is the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization), Jackie stopped for a second to take a photo and we glanced over our shoulders. We were astounded to see that person, walking a few metres behind us. We immediately began a conversation, and I knew that Holy Spirit wanted me to speak this word of affirmation. It was clear in how it was received, that it was indeed a word that had deep meaning in his personal relationship with God, and his calling in the Church. Everyone was amazed that he happened to be on that street at that time.

Today we had a meeting with the English official for the Pontifical Council of the New Evangelization, Fr. Gino. (I keep wanting to call him Gino Vanelli, for you who are hip on 80’s culture). He’s a young priest, maybe 37 years old, from New Jersey. This man is incredible. His authentic love, joy, and zeal for Jesus absolutely radiates from him. He knows evangelization and desires to see best practices shared around the world.  I immediately thought of how the Holy Spirit has been prompting the various language translations, and that perhaps he wants us to help our brothers and sisters in the Church Universal to share Jesus Christ and truly live out their Catholic missionary identity. The need for concrete evangelization keeps coming up in the conversations we are in. What an honour it would be if we could help more people in a variety of countries make the name of Jesus glorified and adored.

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