Vacation Christianity

Time to get away from it all! Well, maybe not everything. Some of us have been laboring at our summer semester studies, others at our summer jobs. Some have been laboring on a nice iced drink while on a  summer getaway. No matter what kind of summer we’ve been having, the next few weeks are bound to be filled with vacation activities. We cannot forget, though, that rest is not simply a state of avoiding activity, and certainly our Faith is not just another activity that we try to escape.

In reality, the very foundation of our human essence is ‘resting’ in the Father’s love. We were made on the sixth day with the animals, however, unlike them, we were called into the seventh day, God’s Sabbath, His rest. This is what gives us our dignity as human beings.
Our Life in Jesus, partaking in His Sacraments and life of prayer and grace, is the foundation of all our other activities. When the foundation is right and strong, we have a right order and, therefore, a sense of peace about all our other activities. That’s what our minds truly need, peace from stress, from the cares of Society.
After that, the setting is really a bonus. Whether we’re on the beach, or lounging around the house, our true relaxation will come, not when we’re looking for excuses to get out of Mass, but when we’re finding time to get things into perspective and get our priorities straight.
The Sun of Justice is always shining, it’s us who provide the clouds and the rain. In our actions this summer, are we clearing our skies for the Sun to shine? Are we shining the Love we receive in the Eucharist on others?

Summer time is really a great time!

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