Who's First?: The Five Tenets

CCO was founded on five tenets, powerful truths about our specific charism as revealed by the Holy Spirit in the early years of the movement. Over the years, these essential tenets have been used to direct our ministry and form our missionary calls.

1) CCO is an evangelist of the youth: we believe that university students are the most strategic age group to reach with the Gospel. At a time when young people are making decisions that shape the course of their lives, we have the opportunity to introduce them to Jesus and form them as leaders who will renew the world.

2) CCO proclaims Jesus Christ, clearly and simply: since our faith is based on a personal, life-giving experience of Christ, a lack of knowledge and experience of Christ cripples the spiritual life. When people en-counter Jesus in a real and personal way they become filled with zeal to live as Catholics. Therefore, the fundamental aspect of our ministry is to proclaim Jesus, clearly and simply.

3) CCO believes in the importance of relational ministry, reaching one person at a time: we believe the individual is of great value and holds great potential for God’s glory. By investing in each individual through personal ministry and discipleship, our hope is that when students leave university then would have truly been built up as leaders with a firm relationship with Jesus and living by the power of the Holy Spirit.

4) CCO has a heart for the world and desires to share the Gospel with all people: we are aware that salvation is offered through Christ for all people. Although we may not be missionaries in foreign countries, our heart and concern is for all people to be saved by Christ. We impart a vision to have an impact on the whole world.

5) CCO has a heart of great expectation: we are convicted that God will do more than can be asked or imagined. God has done such great things in our midst, and we have so much hope for what He can do in and through us. We trust in His faithfulness and live out of a disposition of great expectation for what He will do through our abandonment to His will.


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