Why Leaders Don't Sleep at Night

“Leaders don’t lie in bed at night dreaming about the way things are: they lie at bed at night dreaming about the way things could be and should be and must be” (Andy Stanley). That’s why many leaders are chronically sleep deprived! Leaders are hard-wired with a healthy spirit of discontent. Not dis-obedience, not arrogant recklessness … healthy discontent. There heart breaks with what breaks the heart of God. Jesus had healthy discontent, like the time he cleaned out the temple, violently, I might add. He saw the gap between what the temple could be and what it was, ‘a den of thieves.’ Leaders are discontent because God is discontent with a lot of things in our world.

Do you see a gap? Do you have the gift of leadership? It’s in you to lead.

Leadership is not so much a title or a position, it’s a choice. There are people with titles that have chosen not to lead and there are leaders that have no title that have chosen to lead and the world is a better place because of that choice they made. What are you going to choose?

Transformational leaders possess (or are possessed!) by three leadership virtues: prophetic vision, strategic execution and mobilizing people. Any one on its own is dangerous. Any two without the third is deficient. Fusing these three together in the soul of one person (and the team or organization they lead) makes for the kind of leadership that is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

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