Call To Staff

At seventeen, entering the University of Ottawa, I knew what my plan was: to graduate with a biochemistry degree, go to medical school, and work as a cardiologist. But God’s plan for me was slightly different, to say the least. My father’s insistence led me to involvement with CCO on campus. To me, simply praying sometimes and attending mass every Sunday was enough. Other than that, faith wasn’t a priority. Yet somehow, I found myself getting more and more active in CCO, and in my second year, I was asked to lead CCO’s Discovery faith study, which outlines the basic Gospel message in a Roman Catholic context. For the first time, the truth hit me about God’s immediate and unconditional love and mercy revealed through the Prodigal Son parable.

From that moment on, things began to change. Priorities started to shift. Jesus entered my heart in a new way. Now that I truly knew about God’s love, I saw that so many of my friends, family, and even complete strangers didn’t know about it. Their lives were directionless and they felt lost, guilty, and depressed. I couldn’t be silent and not share about the gift I had been given. CCO helped not only foster this heart for the lost, but also equipped me with the tools to share my faith.

At the beginning of my third year, September 2008, after being invited to a staff information session, I began to discern whether God was calling me to work as a full-time missionary with CCO. Medical school longing started to fade away and the desire to be a missionary increased. As part of my discernment, I served on a mission trip called IMPACT in Saskatoon with CCO that summer. Through mission, my heart for the lost developed even more. I began to more fully comprehend the urgency of spreading the Gospel, and I realized that I wanted to not only share Christ’s love, but also to teach others to share it. Since I had my conversion as a university student, I felt really called to work with students on campus.

In my fourth year, I applied and was accepted to staff! I wish I could put into words how much joy I get from working full-time for CCO at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver! I love meeting students, leading faith studies, sharing Christ, and building up and encouraging students to share Christ with those around them! As Catholics, we are all called to share our faith with others. Through the embracing of the missionary call, I’ve found fullness of life!

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