Campus Life in Perspective

Many people ask me, how is it that you can study the sciences and still believe in God? How can you go to class upon class giving you scientific evidence for things like natural selection and the Big Bang Theory and still believe? I look at them and say how can you not? The intricate details of every creature and every plant are “unbelievable”. The networks of arteries and veins that lead away and toward the heart are incredible. I simply cannot fathom how these things can be due simple to “chance”. The more I learn in my classes the more certain I am of the presence and the power of God.

Witnessing on campus doesn’t need to be long arguments debating facts and bible verses, though sometimes it can be. Oftentimes witnessing is simple, it involves not complaining when the workload gets tough, saying a quick prayer before a quiz or simply smiling at the student next to you. It is simply trusting that God has you in his hands and is guiding you where you need to be. I’ve had peers come and ask me why I’m not worried, or how I’m still smiling after a big essay has been assigned; those are the moments you look for to share.

Asking Jesus to give me those opportunities to share, asking for the courage to speak in those moments and asking the Holy Spirit to give me the words to speak are three of the biggest things I have learned in university. God will give us what He knows we can handle, and the best way to share Him is to share the love He gives us. Being a Catholic student on campus, is the same as being a Catholic anywhere else; pray, love and share Jesus wherever and whenever we can.

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” –Mother Teresa

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