Wasn't Enough

Christ has always been a part of my life, but He hasn’t always been the centre of it.  As I was growing up, faith was an important aspect of my family’s life.  We attended Church and I was involved in a Catholic girls’ club, but I still had times where I didn’t understand why I was involved, or why I needed to be at Church.  My little brother, Daniel, is Autistic, and super important to me.  He has always been excited to go to Church every week and he is the reason that I would still go whenever I was doubting – to me, if someone who isn’t able to understand much in our world is able to understand the importance of going to Church, then I just needed to follow in that example.  Even though my brother’s simple understanding motivated me to continue going to Church, I didn’t live the way that I knew I should and I was always looking to worldly things to fill the space where I should have placed Christ.

It took a bad break-up for me to realize my need for Christ.  Months after the break-up, I was praying in the STM chapel on the University Campus when God showed me the one area in my life that I was holding back from Christ; the one thing that I was holding on to and that was keeping me from so much happiness.  After some internal struggles about this realization I made the decision to put Christ at the centre of my life.

After this decision, I was looking for ways that I could live it out.  I knew about CCO and I had been to some events, but now I wanted to be so much more involved.  I started going to every event that was offered and I joined a faith study.  Being part of a community so focused on our faith and being surrounded by people that were on the same path got me so excited and on fire for Christ.

As I continued attending different events and moving forward in the Discovery faith study, I started to realize that I needed to share this fire.   I was learning the importance of evangelization and it became clear to me that it was because I was seeing other people sharing their faith that I was opening myself to Christ more and more.  Because of this I started to feel that it wasn’t enough to experience this fire in my life alone, I wanted to see more people feel the same way, and I wanted to continue growing in my faith by sharing it with others.

This year I am leading two of my closest friends in a faith study and I am able to let them see how great it is to have Christ at the centre of my life.  I find so much joy in watching them grow in their relationship with Christ and this experience is one of the many ways that my decision that day in STM has been affirmed.  My decision to have Christ at the centre of my life has also led me to consider applying for a CCO summer mission this coming summer in Halifax – something that I NEVER would have done when I was still allowing other parts of my life to be the focus, mostly because of fear and also because I just didn’t understand the need for sharing Christ with others.

After choosing to have Christ at the centre of my life I turned to CCO for help and guidance.  I attended events like Cornerstone and Summit to experience fellowship and to help deepen my faith and I also joined a faith study to strengthen my understanding of my need for Christ.  These experiences have helped me to grow in my relationship with Christ along with many other ways and I hope and pray that I continue to do so through my future involvement with this movement.

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