Who's Up For Chowbucks?

Last year (2012) CCO Vancouver held a Coffee House, where young adults and students got to showcase their various talents through music, skits, dance, and comedy.

It was a great evening of fellowship and there was a lot of great talent! Or so I heard…..I was relegated to the back of the kitchen, where I was tasked to make lattes, london fogs, and hot chocolates for all 150 guests. Along with my two sidekicks Ben and Andrew (I think more appropriately I was the sidekick, as Ben’s a trained barista!) we steamed milk, pulled shots, and steeped tea all night long.

Most people wouldn’t consider making coffee a “talent”, however, living in Vancouver you’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t know or wasn’t themselves a “coffee snob” (admittedly, I would fall under this category). So then, not all coffee is the same and indeed it takes a certain knowledge and skill to pour and serve a delicious cup of java.

How much of a snob might I be? I roast my own coffee. Yep. I order the beans green from an online store and I roast it myself at home. When it comes to a good cup of espresso, I spare no expense. The first thing I do in the morning, before sitting down for prayer, is get my cup of coffee. Its only then can I honestly say “Good Morning Lord!”

So while everyone else was showcasing their talents on the stage, I took mine to the kitchen with a “Martha” approach in serving everyone in a way I know how. Who’s up for Chowbucks?

God gave each of us a unique set of talents and gifts, and we are called to be good stewards of these gifts, to use them to bring people closer to Him (one latte at a time). But in case you were wondering what other talents I might have, you might find me ‘bustin a move in this highlight reel for the coffee house, found here.

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