Honouring Student Experiences

Li Xiaolong

Mechanical Engineering Masters Student

“The highlight of my semester and really of my whole life is my Baptism. God has adopted me with his love. Jesus saved me with his priceless blood and washed away all my sins through Baptism. I am so blessed to have my first Communion and Confirmation in the same day. Through the Sacraments I’ve received love and grace from Jesus Christ. I experienced rebirth just like Jesus rose again from death. Now I enjoy the beautiful life God has given me and the honour of being a Catholic living in Christ.”

Maria Krol

1st Year Psychology

“Throughout this entire year I have seen a lot of growth in my spiritual life. Before university I had heard of CCO and not thought much of it, but now I am so happy to be a part of something this wonderful! It is truly awesome to know that God can reach out to you in whatever way he chooses, especially through such an amazing group of enthusiastic youth that I got to meet this year.”

Dennis Barry

3rd Year Bachelor of Music

“This year God has given me the opportunity, and the courage to explore and strengthen areas of my faith that before were lacking. This has in turn strengthened my faith on the whole. He’s given me a community, fellowship, and a desire to enter a more Christ-centered relationship. Praise God!”

David Remo

4th Year Pshychology

“This semester, through my CCO faith study I’ve learned a lot about myself and my faith. I’ve come to realize the importance of God and I’m learning to rely on Him to direct me. I truly believe that as we focus on Christ he will help us overcome any obstacle, and safely lead us to the finish line.”

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