Discovery Interactive Training

by Angele Regnier

CCO is very proud to announce the public release of our online interactive training for the Discovery faith study! We believe this is one of the biggest things CCO has offered the Church to equip others to engage in the New Evangelization. Thousands have taken Discovery on university campuses across Canada, and an increasing number of people, both young and old, are leading the study in their homes with their friends. More and more parishes are using it as a tool for evangelization, especially with the Church’s recent focus on the New Evangelization since the Synod and during the Year of Faith.

We believe that leaders are attracted to resources. The impetus for creating this resource was the growing use of our materials by individuals, groups and parishes who do not have CCO staff members to coach them in leading the faith study. This training allows us to extend our reach so that countless others can gain from the expertise CCO staff have gained over 24 years of leading Discovery.

CCO’s new interactive training can be found on the website. It is a series of nine multimedia tutorials which supplement the content in the Discovery leader’s guide. People will feel confident leading Discovery thanks to the audio and video segments which give insight and tips on how to lead each section of every lesson. The videos, in particular, allow one to see the analogies shared by a CCO staff member. This way the leader can clearly understand how they can share them themselves.

The interactive Discovery training is being enthusiastically welcomed by parishes who have hosted CCO missionaries on our summer Impact missions. Now, they can continue to multiply Discovery leaders for years to come in their parish even if CCO members are not there to help. Just recently, we had a young man from New Jersey phone to say that his parish priest wants to offer Discovery to all 5000 parishioners! Besides ordering some materials to build awareness and momentum for the campaign, he had questions about how he could train leaders for such a bold venture. When he heard about the online interactive training he was ecstatic! Now any number of parishioners could be trained, on their own time. The possibilities just exploded in his mind and heart.

This training also comes at the perfect time with the launch of our Leading Discovery campaign. In honour of CCO’s 25th anniversary we desire to give to the Church a gift of self — “what CCO does best” — that is, to teach and send people to share the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. The interactive training along with the Discovery leader guide allows anyone, in fact, you, to concretely and effectively bring others to a personal encounter of God’s love and mercy.

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