The Hardest Part About Going To Rome

By André Regnier

This morning I was captured by the beauty and power of the Gospel.  All is rubbish compared to the knowledge of Christ.  I pray that my motivation and my desire would always come from this place of knowledge.

Unfortunately often my desires are disordered, leading me to be captured by something other then Christ.  My fear going to Rome is that I will be intent on seeking recognition and acknowledgement for all that we do in CCO.   Worse, that I will be envious of those in the Church that are being recognized and acknowledged for what they are doing.   My blindness will keep me from seeing and rejoicing in what God is saying and intending on doing in the Church around the world.

One of CCO’s founding tenets comes from Phil.1:18 “all that matters is that Jesus be proclaimed that is what bring me joy”.  Paul writes these words not while at the center of the action but in prison.  He had been silenced, chained and taken out of the mission field.  St.Paul was truly captured by Christ which were reflected in his motivation and desires.

Lord I pray that our time in Rome not be about positioning ourselves, but about listening and hearing what you are doing.

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