Waiting on God

By Gigi Labranche

God this summer has given me the chance to reflect on my life and has taught me patience. Since summer started, finding a second job has been the only thing on my mind until recently. Through stressing, I had lost faith, had doubted Him and as a result have had a gap in my prayer life. In talking to CCO staff and fellow friends, I realized not praying won’t do me any good and that my relationship with God needs to be re-defined. In praying once again and giving the Lord my trust and revealing to Him my fears, peace had come over my heart, allowing me to have faith once again. He allowed me to see, through dreams, that comfort comes in many different shapes and having patience is one of them. There is a comfort in waiting for His plan to pan out. Everything happens for a reason; whether to teach you a lesson or to help you grow in your strength. There is always a reason even if you can’t quite see it.

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  1. Amazing! Great to see your understanding of patience and trust helping you grow in faith.

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