Indian All-Stars Discover the Ultimate Relationship in Bangalore

“These leaders are all-stars” exclaimed Catholic Christian Outreach Western Regional Director Eric Chow, during an opportunity meet with Jesus Youth in India. “Some of the campus leaders traveled as long as three days to train and get here for the four day event.”

Eric Chow is part of a delegation from CCO currently in India, to share their experience with the movement called Jesus Youth in evangelization and campus ministry. CCO President Jeff Lockert is part of the delegation, as is Jeff LaveryTiffany CathcartMeghann BakerAndre Regnier,Melissa WestgeestDustin Greenwald and Joanne Christie.

In 2012, CCO distributed 10,000 Ultimate Relationship Booklets (pictured). CCO’s influence abroad is growing internationally, with recent missions to Africa and China. CCO also figures to have a large presence at World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro in July.

Derin and Jibit of Jesus Youth discover CCO's Ultimate Relationship booklet.

Derin and Jibit of Jesus Youth discover CCO’s Ultimate Relationship booklet.

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