Members of Jesus Youth Enthusiastically Greet CCO in India

Braving arduous multi-day journeys by train, members of Jesus Youth from across India welcomed members of Catholic Christian Outreach to India as part of an informal gathering to discuss faith and outreach. When CCO President Jeff Lockert, CCO Founder Andre Regnier and other delegates met the group, they were shocked to find how many similarities the two movements had.

 “It was so profound to see our similarities,” said Lockert. “We both have roots in the campus, both movements were born of students, and our passion for the Gospel and openness to the Spirit were also very unifying.”

CCO was able to share experiences and best practices from their work in Canada. Jesus Youth gathered 40 of their key student leaders from across India, including regional and national team leaders. Some of them travelled three days by train at their own cost to get there.

Like the travel of some participants, the time spent together in India were full-days – going from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

“We discovered there are many similarities among Canadian and Indian students,” said Lockert, who also explained that the students seemed to find CCO’s clear and simple approach to evangelization very helpful.

“At times, we had to pull ourselves away from the students because we had to go to leave for another meeting; they had question after question. There was such an authentic, deep hunger to grow in campus ministry effectiveness, and the Jesus Youth students wanted to gain everything they could from us. As it turned out, we had a lot to offer them from our experiences and approaches.”

Lockert explained that the team CCO brought to India was providential, “Our leaders spent a lot of time talking with them and helping them with their own personal testimonies. By the end of the four days I would say that the Jesus Youth leaders had a deep and sincere love for us and CCO, as we did for them.”

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