Reflecting On His Great Uncle's Life Brings Sean An Insight to Faith

When going over in my mind how God has affected my life during this summer I struggled a bit with what I should write on. Not much has really happened this summer, but I knew football was off the table because by the time this article is posted we would only have had one practice. On the other hand God has called upon a relative of mine to enter into Heaven with him, and I felt a bit fearful writing on this subject as it could easily be a dark subject matter. After much deliberation on how I could curtail the possible negativity and dreariness in such an article I decided that maybe I could do it, in the sense of what I learned in reflection of him and his life story. Like most he had his struggles, but anybody that knew him or even looked at a photo album of his life would realize that he always had a smile on his face. He had always been up for a good talk or game of euchre (which he always would jovially cheat at until someone caught him). One of the best examples I know about his consistently happy demeanor was after his sister had been married and went on her honey moon, she asked him to copy out some recipes from their mother’s cookbook. At the time he had been boarding at his sister and new brother-in-law’s house (and would have been for a bit after their return) and when he came upon a recipe of their mother’s he enjoyed dearly, he made sure to write underneath the recipe “make this weekly”.
Another thing I learned in my reflections was the true meaning of perseverance. Early in life my great uncle had been diagnosed (and went through the rest of his life) with polio in his legs, which took away his ability to walk. But also, early on, he ended up building a sled and used a pair of ice picks to propel himself up and down hills on it to get to and from school. This was no easy task as his family’s lane way was long and the route to school was marred with steep hills. This along with many other struggles in life never phased him. The most pertinent part of his life that applies to this article would have to do with religious life. I never talked with him about God, religion or anything of that sort, but I do know that if he could help it he never missed Mass. Given some of the struggles in life, he still had a continued faith in God when people with lesser struggles would have lost faith.
Needless to say that always being a person with a smile on their face, and continuously persevering and never giving up are two ongoing struggles within any person’s life. But with God’s help you can succeed. After my great uncle’s passing it’s hard not to be in awe of his faith in God when he could have easily lost it, or felt wronged by God. This has also peaked my curiosity in understanding more in depth not only why my great uncle’s faith was so strong, but to get to know God better as well.

by Sean O’Keefe

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