A Remarkable Surprise Increases Faith and Trust in God

This summer I’ve experienced God in many ways, and I realized God is love through many unexpected, surprising events. First, my mother was recently diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I was initially frightened and scared. So, I asked for leave from work to be with her. Many family and friends have shown tremendous support and love by praying for her and my fear has turned into awe as I watch my mother calmly continue on with her life. This diagnosis has made her realize how precious and sacred life is and she truly has been spared a more serious diagnosis. She has come to trust in God in many new ways. I organized a surprise 50th birthday party for her to lift her spirits and her boyfriend (Gord) gave her a plane ticket to El Salvador to visit an orphanage for disabled people that both my mother and I have been involved with for 10 years. We have come to love the residents, the workers, the culture and people of this poor country. My mom was excited but confused as to why she was flying alone. Gord told her not to worry, that many surprises were to take place. He had given me a plane ticket as well for my birthday and we flew down together to surprise her the next day. When she saw me she was thrilled and moreover, Gord proposed to her in the chapel at the orphanage with all the residents there to cheer them on. She was in utter disbelief. Before meeting Gord mom had a shattering relationship fall out and she had said to God that if another man walks into her life he needs to be close to God, and that’s exactly what happened, in the most rare and impossible way. Gord has shown both myself and my mother how to trust and believe in God, as he has had his share of a difficult past and as a result his life is ruled by God. He knows God theologically, scripturally, Sacramentally and believes so completely in God. His life is led by the will of God and it is remarkable to see someone so joyfully happy, and calm, he does not let the slightest thing take his eyes from God. Through my summer I have witnessed a greater love between my mom and I, our family and of course the love both mom and Gord have for God. God has come into my mom’s life through Gord and his love for God and through her illness has shown that life can only be led by love, faith, trust and total belief in an omniscient and all loving God.

By Monique

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