Are We Friends with God, Or Do We Just Like the Idea?

The Little Things

Some of you know that I like to create odd little questions to entertain creativity. Whether it’s things like: do you think it’s possible for us to condition humans to eventually live without oxygen? Or, do you think the color green to my eyes is actually what I’d consider blue to your eyes? The point is there is no right or wrong answer, and just because I give an answer doesn’t mean you have to trust it.

So this summer I explored faith using a similarly broad question. I came across two sentences that intrigued me: 1) God is Ipsum Esse 2) Calls himself Ayer Asher Ayer

Now the first means ‘the one that is’ and the second ‘I am who I am’. Using these two sentences as foundation, my spiritual life continued to know that God is literally everywhere. But to be everywhere, God would have to ‘be’ existence itself. Which would make sense seeing how everything only exists through his will. But the big odd question that sums up my summer is why would God CHOOSE to be existence?

Over the summer I was able to derive two reasons as to why He is existence. The first being that old saying: He has a plan! Bring this down to a personal level. We all know his passion for us to use his plan is beyond knowing, but if he became existence, if he was everything we came into contact with that day, isn’t that the best way to ensure we follow that plan? And if we do stray from God, by being existence, everything can be used as a method of reestablishing our relationship with God. We are always supposed to be open to God’s plan, but being open to a plan isn’t enough. We have to want it on a level that nearly matches his passion for us using it. I was dumb enough to ask a friend this summer, “are we actually friends or do we just like the idea of being friends?” I sometimes feel this is the case with God. That by being connected to something so pure is just amazing. That I don’t need to look out for other things God is doing, because I can recognize all that he is doing for me. And when I think like this, my communication with God fails. We stop being friends, and start just being that idea of friendship.

The second reason I decided on was by being existence God opens himself to communication. I used to think about prayer as being on a conscious level. We mentally speak or listen for a response from our Lord through our soul. But if God was everything, then just by coming in contact with something, we are communicating with God in some way. We are unconsciously praying with God through however we interact with the object of our attention. This is why God would choose to be existence. What better way to know, communicate and always be there for us than to be existence itself?

So over the summer I discovered my faith allows me to always communicate with God, and that God has fail-safes to his plans. Even should we reject his plan, he loves us enough to cushion the fall. If you feel like your faith is on pause, search the little things, find God there.

By Nic Peirson

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