He Doesn't Wait For Perfection – He perfects

by Adriana Viale

My name is Adriana and I am not perfect.

The more experience I get at failing, the more I have come to realize that it cannot be that way. God knows that we are not perfect because He created us, and He created us human. The cool thing is that in our imperfection, He still calls us and wants us just the way we are. He calls us by name and asks us to give Him everything we have, including our sinful hearts and human qualities. He welcomes us into His family in Baptism. He knew we would fall but He loves us so much that He gave us Reconciliation to draw us back to Him. He knows that we are weak and prone to fall into temptation so He gives us His physical self through the body of His Son, Jesus Christ, in the Eucharist.

This past year, I have become very aware of my failures and all the ways I constantly let God down. As I was applying to work for CCO, I found myself second-guessing my ability to be a good missionary. I have failed people, I have hurt the ones I love, I have hurt God and wandered off the path that God leads me to multiple times. Why would God want to use ME out of all people to reach out to those around me? I am not the most charitable person in the world, I don’t have the strongest prayer life and I struggle with my self-worth.

I brought all this to Spiritual Direction and Father listened quietly as I told him all the ways that I was inadequate to be a missionary and teach confirmation class. I was in no state to spread the Gospel when I was struggling so much and felt so broken. He looked at me and told me that I was exactly what God needed to reach out to those around me. I was taken by surprise. I had expected him to agree with me and tell me that I needed to fix myself. But no, he told me about the importance of being real in our faith. It is good to be aware of how we struggle, but we also need to remember that despite our failures, God is calling us.

Being real in our faith is not pretending to be perfect, but being aware that my strength and peace lies in the Lord, and that struggles and sufferings are inevitable but I can get through it all because of Him.

One of the greatest examples of how God calls us to follow Him despite our imperfections is St. Peter. I’m talking about the Peter whom Jesus gave the keys of heaven to, the first Pope and the leader of the Church on earth. He also happens to be the same man who denied Jesus three times, and even though he was walking on water, became so caught up with the storm raging around him that he began to sink. A man who was very much a sinner, yet became one of the greatest saints of all time. We can all relate to Peter. We all fall short, yet God looks at us and asks us to allow Him to be at the center of our lives and follow Him. He doesn’t ask for perfection, but commitment and complete trust in His plan. We may be weak, but He becomes our strength; we may be small but in Him we can do the impossible.

Now as I look at my missionary call I have come to really understand what “God doesn’t call the equipped; He equips the called” means. The journey ahead of me is not necessarily clear and I know it will not be without it’s ups and downs, but no longer do I fear failure, because God will be there to help me through it all. I have given Him my “Yes”, and may His will be done.

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