Becoming an Effective Communicator

Communication is essential to our exchanges with one another. What we say and how we say it all determines an outcome; sometimes the outcome is favourable and other times we’ve missed the mark or we’ve been misunderstood. Communication through writing and public speaking is the same. It delivers an outcome- life change, motivation, teaching, or information. In ministry, we are called upon to use all these forms. However, have you ever been speaking and wondered if you hit the mark? Were people still engaged? Did your words bring about life change? Were you successful in teaching your concept or were people more confused than before?

We have all asked ourselves these questions. I have asked myself these questions over and over again. Communication is something I’m quite passionate about and have read and studied many communicators. Over the next year, I will share principles, tips, and personal insights I’ve gained through communicating in our ministry. Primarily, I will be using Andy Stanley’s book Communicating for a Change as my guide since it has been life changing for me. I invite you to journey with me in this next year, and you will become more effective in your communication.

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