The Fight

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By: Joseph San Jose.

I t wasn’t easy figuring out God’s plan for my life. In discerning my options after graduating from UBC, I had a strong desire to serve the Church in a full-time capacity, but I wasn’t too sure where exactly He was calling me.

The idea of working for CCO as a missionary was in my heart but there was also an opportunity to work in youth ministry with the Archdiocese . At the time, working for the Archdiocese was more attractive as it paid more, had a more comprehensive benefits package and, unlike CCO, I wouldn’t have to support raise my own salary! But deep down, I still wanted to be in the university mission field leading students into a relationship with Jesus.

I took my decision to prayer. Through Scripture  I felt God was calling me to remain in Vancouver to continue to do ministry work here, and remain a part of my parish community. I decided to turn down CCO’s initial job offer for the 3 year internship program. I thought Lord was calling me to remain in Vancouver. I also thought I was a shoe-in for the Archdiocese position. Around the same time I fell ill, struggled to finish my graduating thesis, and was searching for the light at the end of the tunnel. Just after turning down CCO, I received a phone call from the Archdiocese informing me that I did not receive the job. At this point I had no idea what the Lord was calling me to.

Thankfully, the CCO HR team called me back to confirm my decision. Through more discernment, we were able to come to an agreement that would respect my discernment with the Lord as well as the desire I had in my heart to be a missionary. In the end, God would confirm that call at NSG, at Rise Up, and in prayer the following year .It took a while for me to realize it, but CCO was the option that would satisfy that desire to evangelize.





Seeing clearly God’s missionary call in my life is really a testament to the hard work of the CCO missionaries present at UBC while I was there as a student. From the very beginning of my involvement, from the first faith study that I participated in, they invested time and energy in me. It was because of those missionaries in my life that I not only felt God’s love through them, but also felt accepted and part of the movement. It was because of them that I learned what it meant to proclaim the Gospel, to grow in holiness and mission, to form disciples, and to have great expectations about renewing the world for Christ. I learned about spiritual multiplication, and of the possibility of reaching every single soul on this earth for Jesus. They were not afraid to challenge me, encourage me, and help me see God’s incredible plan for my life.


In short—CCO and its missionaries don’t just work to evangelize. They fight, and they fight hard to bring souls to completion in Christ. They fought for me; even when I said “NO!” they ultimately helped me see God’s call in my life.

Both clarity and confirmation came to me through a Scripture verse: Second Timothy 4 said, “Do the work of an evangelist: fulfill your ministry”. I reflected on this as I was discerning and making my decision to work for CCO. The confirmation came when this past August during our national staff training, the same scripture verse became our pastoral theme for the year. One of the CCO leaders I admired the most, Brett Powell, also revealed that this verse was also instrumental for his initial missionary call.

The team at UBC fought hard for me  and this year I will continue the fight for students at SFU, to lead them to completion in Christ.


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