His Unimaginable Dream

IMG_9393 (1200x674)By: Annie Brown.

During my third year of nursing at Queen’s, I began to realize what kind of work I wanted to do. My heart was set on working in maternity nursing- what a privilege it would be to help women bring new life into the world! I was also excited to further my knowledge and specialty in healthcare. I was thrilled to have figured this out a whole year before I would graduate.

But, before I made my way in the “real world” I felt I should do something to give back to Catholic Christian Outreach- After all, CCO helped me remain faithful and deepen my relationship with God throughout my studies. The summer before my last year of nursing, I volunteered on CCO’s mission project: Impact Halifax 2012.

I believed that Impact Halifax would be my way of completing the CCO program. I looked forward to serving in my own Archdiocese, having grown up in Fall River Nova Scotia; however, three months of mission had a much deeper effect on me than I anticipated. The way God worked in my heart surprised me, and He gave me more than I would have thought to ask for.

Pentecost Sunday was not long after Impact started. The entire mission team gathered and prayed for the Holy Spirit to be at the center of our efforts. We offered ourselves to do our part in the work of evangelization. I told the Lord I was prepared to do whatever it took for the Gospel to be heard; I soon realized I wasn’t being completely honest. I saw myself in all kinds of roles I had rejected in the past, “knowing” that they were “not for me”. Among these, was an image of myself working as a missionary for CCO. I knew this wasn’t a direct call from God to be a full-time missionary, but rather an invitation to be open to whatever His plan was. I had to let Him show me in His time.

My experience on Impact was textbook; I was busy with a full-time day job, worked in a parish and I lived with nine other girls (all of whom I loved very much- we had all kinds of fun). My parish team was fantastic. We experienced very little conflict and watched God work through the Discovery faith study.


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Annie’s Impact Halifax 2012 Housemates


In light of our parish work, I asked God to show me how He loved the people worked with. I wanted to see them as He saw them. I wanted to grow in my desire to bring these people closer to Him. Through this I fell in love with the work of evangelization. I was amazed by what God was doing through our missionary efforts- there was so much fruit! The number of people who encountered Christ’s personal love astonished me. It was amazing to think that God used me to show these women His love. What an extraordinary joy!

The spirit in my home parish changed: people shared their spiritual lives with each other through testimonies before Mass every week. I also experienced change in myself. My dream of worldly success became unappealing; I realized it would not allow me to proclaim the Gospel. I was so excited for God to show me how He wanted me to live out my missionary call. His plan had more meaning than any plan I would have made for myself. By the end of the summer I was convinced by the success of Impact and understood how positively CCO had worked in my own life.  Because of this, I decided I should consider missionary work with CCO.

Now I work at my Alma Mater as a full time missionary- where I had once been afraid that God would call me to this work. Today, I can’t imagine not being a missionary.

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