The Unusual Plan

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By: Cameron Beare.

Growing up, I always expected my life to look like that of my parents and role models; attain a university education, get a job, get married, and have kids- the usual. However, my conversion brought God into the picture and turned everything on its head.

In the spring of 2012, I found myself at a Sunday evening mass in London, Ontario. I remember it very clearly: I sat at the back of the church while the priest prepared for the consecration. It was here that God challenged me.

“I could be calling you to do anything – anything… even this.

 “Even this!?” I thought. I knew He was referring to the possibility of the priesthood.

“Do you want this?” He asked.

My mind began to race. How much different could God’s call be from the direction I am heading now? Could I say yes to Him? Could I leave behind the plan for career and family that I had always assumed was meant for me?

Before my conversion, my response would have been to dismiss this thought immediately. After all, where I was heading was good enough, right? Wasn’t that the reason for this expensive degree? My parents and peers would say so. End of discussion.

Now, though, after getting closer to God and witnessing His life-changing action in others around me, I knew that His plan for my life could be far beyond the norm. It could very well contradict everything I thought I was meant to be.

Instead of running from His plan, I decided to say yes.

“Of course, God, show me what you want and I will do it – wherever that leads.”


After my commitment that day, it was no longer terrifying to consider other options for my life. I actually felt a sense of joy and freedom when imagining life as a priest, spouse, foreign worker, lay person, or missionary. I was reeling with excitement, nearly overwhelmed with the endless possibilities.


After a few weeks of excited contemplation, my heart finally rested on CCO. Why CCO? Frederick Buechner once wrote that vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.” When I imagined myself as a CCO missionary, I visualized my gifts and talents in action. I could foresee my fruitful service in this position before it even began. More importantly, university campus missionaries have one of the most strategic roles in bringing Christ to the world – a world desperately in need of Him. God showed me that as a campus missionary I could ‘teach the teachers’. As a CCO missionary, I could bring Christ to future leaders, empowering them to carry this message to others. CCO was the best fit for doing what I enjoy and using my God given gifts to their fullest to help accomplish the most important task in our world today- evangelisation.


After entering the application process, my decision was affirmed again and again. This solidified my initial inclination towards CCO leading me to where I am now. Every day I get to do God’s work on campus while continuing to discover His plan for my future and my family.

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