Let Go Of Your Plans

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By: Alana Heit.

I always wanted to be able to teach others about Jesus everyday. With this desire, I decided to pursue a degree in education. The idea of being able to witness people develop over the course of the year, and be a part of their intellectual growth and deeper understanding of God’s love really excited me! But I still remember thinking ‘I just wish religion class could be longer.’ My heart could identify with Saint Paul as he said, “all that matter’s is that Jesus be proclaimed that is what brings me joy.” Truly, I felt most joyful and alive when Jesus was being proclaimed.

An example that comes to mind happened near the end of my degree when I realized that I barely talked about Jesus with the girls that I went to school with, and with the end of our degree approaching, we would soon be going our separate ways. I would share about my personal faith, but I wanted them to be able to know God’s personal love for them; I decided to  invite them to take the Discovery faith study. After leading each lesson I was filled with great joy, because I was able to witness my friends discover God’s love, and desire to return to Him.

While I lead the study,  I was reminded of the parable of the woman with the lost coin. (Luke 15: 8-10) After the woman finds her coin she exclaims “rejoice with me for I have found the piece I have lost!” and the Lord reminds us “Likewise, I say to you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.” While leading the study, it became clear to me how the Lord personally loves, and fervently searches for each soul. And how his heart rejoices so greatly when His people return to him! But to top it all off, the Lord gives us the great privilege of sharing in the joy of finding the lost, and leading them back to Him.


I knew I wanted to participate in bringing people back to the Lord, but I still did not identify with doing this as a campus missionary. I proceeded to finish my degree with the mindset of sharing Christ as a teacher. While I did my teaching internship I began to have the desire to lead Discovery again. God was faithful in showing me that I didn’t just want to talk about him with others, but I wanted to invite people to put Christ at the centre of their lives. When I returned to university for my final semester, I began to see the missionaries on campus differently. I started to imagine myself in their place, something I had never done before. I was filled with so much joy and excitement when I imagined being able to proclaim Christ to others each day. I often thought it was too good to be true!


I had been feeling restless about my future plans because I had been holding onto the idea of being a teacher, and the safety of staying close to my family and friends. I began to discern between my two desires, to teach or to become a campus missionary. I weighed the pro’s and con’s of each. Becoming a missionary definitely appeared to be more risky, but it clearly appealed more to what my heart desired. I was just afraid to take the leap of faith. I read the parable of the rich man (Matt 19: 16-22) who Christ challenged to sell all of his possession and follow him and he would have treasures in heaven, but he went away sorrowful because he had many possessions. Jesus showed me that in following him we might have to let go of the plans, people, or attachments we hold on to; but in return He gives us the unspeakable freedom and joy that comes with following him. After all, “all that matters is that Jesus be proclaimed, that is what brings me joy.”


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