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St. Francis Xavier

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Each year at the Spring Banquet CCO Vancouver honors an alumnus who has gone on after their time with CCO on campus to live the 12 marks of a CCO graduate.

  1. In a Spirit-filled, personal relationship with Jesus.
  2. Effective and active communicators of the Gospel.
  3. Knowledge and active participant in the life of the Church.
  4. Enemies of sin, lovers of virtue.
  5. Dedicated to prayer.
  6. Lovers and seekers of lost souls.
  7. Spiritual multiplier.
  8. Supporters of the Church’s work of evangelization.
  9. In the world, but not of the world.
  10. Radically abandoned to the will of God.
  11. Confident in their identity in Christ.
  12. Active participants in a Christian community.

This award has been given the name The St. Francis Xavier Award. St. Francis Xavier was evangelized by St. Ignatius of Loyal when they were roommates at the University of Paris. St. Francis Xavier is a great model for us of a young man who encountered the Lord as a university student and embraced his call to be a missionary to the nations, he is now recognized as the patron of missions.

Do you know of a CCO alumnus who embodies these 12 marks and has actively embraced their missionary identity after graduation? If so, nominate them today! Nominations for this years award will be accepted until March 31, 2015. The award will be given to the winner on April 11th at the Spring Banquet.

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