How Fishing Led me to the Father's Heart

By Eric Chow

One of my favorite memories growing up was going fishing with my dad. We would get up early to load the boat then head out into open waters. Thinking about that tiny little boat I’m surprised that I never felt afraid or anxious! I was just excited for the adventure. And the prospect of landing a big catch. More than anything I was happy to be with my dad. With him I felt safe and I never doubted that he would keep me and my brother from harm. I remember one time in particular where the waves were so large that we all at one point got sick over the side! Or another time when the engine wouldn’t start and we were far from land. I always felt that my dad could conquer the waves or fix the engine. I felt safe amidst the adventure.

I’ve learned that this is the kind of relationship that I can have with God the Father. At first I first felt God was distant. But I began to understand God’s love for me when I approached our relationship like a son to his father. God the Father wants to father me. And as a father he wants to have fun with me and take me on an adventure. Life has brought lots of adventure in my life and I can see the Father has been with me. I can feel safe around him! He always will protect me no matter what comes into my life. And he wants to take me fishing! He wants us to go on an adventure and go out into open waters. It’s so exciting! I feel like a kid again.

Regardless of the catch (and it was my brother who always brought in the big ones! No, I’m not jealous) I felt safe in the adventure with my dad. Now, as a father of four I’ll bring my own into a new adventure, following the example of my own dad and rooted in the Father’s love for me.


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