Trusting in the Father

by Taylor Hyatt

Andrew Sennyah is a fourth year economics and international relations student at the University of Calgary. During his first year, CCO invited him to fill out a survey. However, when one of the student leaders tried to follow up with him, he ignored their calls.

Andrew was surrounded by good friends and was doing well in school. Despite this, he was still searching for something more to fill a void in his life.  Andrew was born and raised Catholic, but always saw God as an old man in the sky who was looking to judge and condemn him. This led him to look for fulfillment in other places. During his first two years of university, Andrew attended Mass “for the sake of attending.”

“I was going through the motions…checking off a box to fulfill my Christian duty,” he explains.

In his second year, Andrew told a group of friends that he couldn’t make it to a party one night, because he had to go to church.  Another friend – who was involved with CCO – overheard and invited him to get to know CCO. After that school year, he began taking the Discovery faith study.

For Andrew, the second lesson of Discovery was a pivotal moment. Lesson two focuses on God’s personal love and referenced the biblical story of the prodigal son. The idea of God being a personal and loving God really stood out to Andrew.  Luke 15:20 talks about the father standing at the gate waiting for his son to come home. “I knew that whatever I had done before, my heavenly Father was looking out for me, ” Andrew explains, “Before that, I had never understood God wanted a personal relationship with me.” This realization drastically changed Andrew’s perception of God and made the idea of a relationship with God realistic.

Now 21 years old, Andrew has realized that God alone can fulfill the deep ache and emptiness he was experiencing.  He desires to learn even more about the Lord’s plan for his life. He is constantly reminded of Jeremiah 29:11, that the Lord has a plan for his life that is filled with hope. Andrew went from viewing God as a judge, to seeing Him as a loving and personal father – thanks to the Discovery study.

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