Podcast Episode: Clear & Simple Part One

In part one of our two part Clear & Simple discussion, Andre Regnier and Gerhard explore some of the key topics of Andre’s latest book: Clear and Simple: How to have conversations that lead to conversion.

      • Why write the book?  
        • This book is aimed at demystifying evangelization and conversion to help Catholics understand what a conversion actually is, what conditions need to be met so that one may have a conversion, and how to lead someone to the point of conversion.
      • Encounter vs Conversion
        • There is a difference between having an encounter and having a conversion. An encounter is an experience of God, which are essential to the big commitment of conversion. Conversion is the active choice to place Christ at the center of your life. This is reflected in marriage, where the encounter is the lived experience and encounter of the other person, while the conversion is the commitment that the couple makes in the wedding vows.
      • The three pillars of conversion
        • The intellect, the heart, and the will. In marriage, our hearts need to be captured by the other, we need to know the magnitude of the decision that we are going to make, and finally, we need to use our will to choose the other. All three need to be activated for a marriage to happen, and likewise to choose Christ.
      • Evangelization is about proclaiming Jesus to the world, through the kerygma.
        • The kerygma is the core Gospel message:
          • God created us for Relationship
          • We broke the relationship through sin
          • Christ came to restore our relationship with Him
          • We are invited to respond to Christ’s invitation to enter into a relationship with Him
      • The purpose of evangelization is conversion, and there is a clear process to evangelization with three steps.
        • Step 1: Proclamation of the Gospel
        • Step 2: Kerygma
        • Step 3: Conversion, the other choosing to place Christ at the center of their life.


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  1. Truly a great interview. Thanks for your podcast. I needed to hear what severs relationships. I have read your book and this interview reiterated the concept of a relationship with God made simple and clear.

  2. These podcasts are excellent! Is there any way to increase the volume, as I have a hard time hearing them through EarPods on my iphone at max volume. Thanks.

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