Podcast Episode: Clear & Simple Part Two

This episode is an excerpt from the live streamed release of Clear and Simple: How to have conversations that lead to conversion. Gerhard and Andre along with Tessa and Nolan of the University of Ottawa discuss how missionaries and students accompany others to Christ, as well as the power of the kerygma in proclaiming the Gospel to university students.

      • There is a need within the Church for clarity on the topics of evangelization, conversion, and proclamation of the Kerygma.
      • Accompaniment
        • Built on relationships
        • On university campuses, at the beginning of the school year, we do outreach, in which we survey university students and invite them individually to connect with Catholic Christian Outreach.
        • The relationships are built on trust
        • Most students are not practicing Catholics, and often it is non-practicing Catholics, atheists, and agnostics that stop and talk with the students and missionaries that are doing outreach.
        • After outreach, the missionaries and students follow up individually with each of the students that left their numbers, to meet for a conversation so that the student can be invited to take the Discovery faith study (an exploration of the Kerygma)
      • For a conversion to happen, one needs to align their intellect, heart, and will.
        • The Intellect: I need to know what I’m saying yes to when I say ‘yes’ to place Christ at the centre of my life;
        • The Heart: I need to desire, to want, to place Christ at the centre of my life; and
        • The Intellect: I need to actively choose to place Christ at the centre of my life.
      • Kerygma
        • God created us for relationship;
        • Through our sin, we have broken the relationship;
        • Christ came down to restore our relationship with Him; and
        • You and I are invited to intentionally choose to enter into relationship with Him.


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The Ultimate Relationship – https://store.cco.ca/products/the-ultimate-relationship

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