Take the Elevator! The kergyma is your shortcut for evangelization

We Catholic’s have a habit of frequently talking about the kerygma but is often overlook it a practical means for evangelization. We like to share doctrine, devotionals and theology with those around us who express an interest in our faith. The kerygma shortcuts us straight to the heart of our joy in a clear and simple message. Join us for an in-depth conversation on the kerygma.

  • The kerygma is so foundational to our life that we often overlook it’s primacy in how we communicate our faith with others.
  • The four points of the kerygma provide us with a shortcut in leading others to Christ.
  • We need to go back to the basics: Jesus is the message.
  • The fourth point of the kerygma, the personal invitation is key to leading others to conversion.
  • Don’t complicate things! Keep it clear and simple.


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  1. Thank you so much for this podcast! You were able to put so clearly into words what I have sensed for a long time. How so many of us, especially here where I have been living for the past 19 years, just assume that everybody knows what it means to be a Christian and how to live a Christian life. We talk around it and around it but never get to the point of “landing the plane”. I have so often come away from homilies feeling frustrated because what they said was good, but left the people hanging. They told them what was wrong, but never came to the point of EDIFYING – building up – telling the people this is the way you do it, this is what it means to be a Catholic Christian. I have gotten to the point where I don’t like going to certain formation meetings/conferences any more, because at the end of the meeting/conference I realize they never once mentioned Jesus, or He was mentioned only in a peripheral way. Now that you have put into words what I have experienced I will have the courage to say something when the opportunity arrises.

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