Evangelization demands relationships

Discipleship is a buzzword within Christian and Catholic Churches around the world. Pope Francis has been very vocal about the importance of Discipleship. We’ve learned over the years that there are some dangers that come along with discipling others. In this episode, Gerhard sits down with Ian, and Michael, two long-time missionaries with CCO. We discuss discipleship versus discipling others and how moving from discipling others to intentionally accompanying others brings clarity and focus to evangelization

– To be a Disciple is to be a follower of Christ. To intentionally accompany someone is to walk alongside someone towards the destination of Christ.
– Why is accompaniment so important in evangelization.
– Discipleship to Christ provides a buffer and protection against the scandals we face in the Church and society.
– Practical takeaways to become more effective at intentionally accompanying the people in your life:
– Seek support, someone to accompany and journey with you.
– Ask the Lord to recognized opportunities when they come.
– Pray.
– Expect conversions!
– Have relationships.

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