Just say ‘yes’ for conversion!

How do you lead someone to conversion if you don’t know what a conversion is? Not having a clear understanding of what needs to take place leading up to conversion prevents us from leading others clearly and simply to conversion. In this episode, Gerhard and Andre traveled to the University of Ottawa to sit down with Tyler and Alex to hear about their journeys to conversion. We realize that there are some steps in the journey left to take for one of us!


– Conversion is making the decision to enter into a personal relationship with the God that loves us

– There are three factors necessary for a conversion: the will, the heart, and the intellect

– Tyler shares his testimony

– Tyler talks about how important relationships were to him in encountering Christ

– The moment of conversion

– Alex shares her journey towards conversion, and shares that she has not yet had a conversion

– Andre helps lead Alex to her conversion


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