Accompany your family this Christmas

Spending Christmas with a family that does not hold, or actively disagrees with your beliefs can make for stressful holidays. Through stories and examples, Andre, Angele, and Gerhard share some strategies and approaches that can help you better witness to your family this Christmas.

  • Navigating families that don’t see eye to eye with your faith
  • Andre’s story of his experience returning home for his first Christmas post-conversion
  • We need to meet our family where they are at, as Christ meets us where we are at
  • Don’t miss Mass, but make sure to accommodate important family events
  • Aim to win the long-game, if you need to accommodate today in order to build trust tomorrow, think about the ultimate goal.

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  1. Thank you for these podcasts! I love, love them! Clear and simple ways to evangelize during the Christmas season! Thank you for encouraging me on how to simply love my family and meet them where they’re at.

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