Keep it simple, keep it clear

Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa preached the retreat for the US Conference of Catholic Bishops a couple weeks ago and stressed the importance of the kerygma as a key part of evangelization. The apostles used the kerygma when they embarked to bring all nations to Christ, and the kerygma presents the core Gospel message clearly, simply and with the invitation for the listener to respond.

– Bishop Caggiano’s reflection on Fr. Cantalamessa’s preaching on evangelization and the kerygma
– How the Gospel clear and simple became one of CCO’s 5 Tenets
– The four steps of the kerygma:
1. You were created by God for relationship with Him;
2. Through our sin and brokenness, we are separated from God;
3. Jesus, through his death and resurrection, restores our relationship with God;
4. We need to respond to the gift of Love and relationship that God is trying to offer us.

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