Last January CCO brought St. Francis Xavier across Canada to be venerated by tens of thousands of pilgrims. Gerhard, Angele and D’Arcy reminisce about the pilgrimage and some of the graces that we witnessed.

– D’Arcy explains the Stanley Cup Analogy;
– The response of the pilgrims, underguessing the number or people who would turn out;
– Traveling with the relic arm of St. Francis;
– Long days, full hearts
– Confessions
– The proclaimation of Jesus
– The fruits of the pilgrimage
– The Knights of Columbus
– Intercessory prayer
– A glory story of a conversion and a missionary conversion
– A story of healing
– A big thank you to the Jesuits, the Archdiocese of Ottawa and the Knights of Columbus

Check out the glory stories of miracles, conversions and St. Francis Xavier’s intercession right HERE.

Read the blog posts we wrote in preparation of the pilgrimage:

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  1. What a treat to hear this podcast.

    It is so wonderful to know that young people are excited about the Catholic faith.

    I praise Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for Chantal Cote who told me boy CCO. Chantal is a member at Sacret Heart Parish, Victoria, BC and also a CCO staff at U Vic.

    I continue to support your team.

    May God continue to give you energy for HIhs holy work.

    Angela Spencer

  2. Your relic team gave me and my family the opportunity of a lifetime. Thank you so much.

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