Sharing your testimony

Do you know your testimony?

The story of how you got from ‘there’ to ‘here’ is a fantastic tool we can use to accompany our people. This week, Angèle, Michael and Holly discuss how to share your testimony with those who need to hear it.

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  1. During the first week when everything had to shut down, Due to COVID-19, I asked God, “Why is this happening in our World”, and he did not respond to my question. On March 15th, 2020, as the heavy down pour of rain was falling, I had felt a sign that God was coming and he is with us. As I had put on my World Youth Day CD to listen to, all of a sudden as I started singing the World Youth Day song, which had brought back memories for me of World Youth Day here in Toronto 2002, it was a miracle and a such a true blessing for me, because all of a sudden, the rain had stopped and the skies began to clear and the beautiful sun was shining.

    As everything was beginning to feel like a ghost town, I was really scared, had a lot of fears and couldn’t even sleep during the night. So I kept on thinking and thinking, and asking God “Why is this happening to us”?, and he was not responding to my questions at all. Then I said to myself, maybe God is asking us to pray more and get rid of things that we really don’t need anymore, so new opportunities will come in for me.

    So one night, I had woke up during the middle of the night as I heard frightening sounds outside so I had picked up my bible and started to open it, and saw flashes of my name written in the bible, as if God was telling me a message, that I should be reading it. Since I was not able to sleep, I decided to pick up my booklet called The Ultimate Relationships, and stated to read each of the passages carefully, and the one that was so powerful to me, as I was reading each of the verses, was forgiving all my sins to God. As I kept on praying and praying to God about my sins, all of a sudden a lot of tears just came flowing down as I was speaking and telling God all of my sins and as I had felt a bit calm, after telling him my sins, I had told God that I will keep on confessing and praying to him, until I can go to confession. It had made me more at ease, when I had read it twice on the same night as I was feeling scared.

    Now I am beginning to realize, how God is asking me to slowly start to begin to deepen my faith with God and share my experiences with others.

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