Catholic Christian Outreach™ (CCO™) is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge young adults to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world.

They desired to find those wandering, bring them to Jesus, help them grow in a relationship with God and the Catholic church, and teach them how to reach others. Their vision was much more than starting a local “campus club”; they had a concern to raise leaders for the Church’s worldwide evangelizing mission.

The three pillars of CCO’s strategy:


Proclaim: a clear and simple presentation of the gift of salvation Jesus offers and an invitation to a relationship with God.


Equip: growing in one’s relationship with Jesus. Small group faith studies and intentional accompaniment are the foundation of our approach.


Commission: learning how to share one’s faith with others. Participants are given easy-to-learn tools and methods to reach out to others which transforms their own spiritual lives.


Intentional accompaniment keeps CCO’s evangelization and discipleship relevant to each individual. Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, CCO missionaries come alongside a person to lead them to Jesus. Once a new disciple begins living out a personal relationship with Jesus, our accompaniment shifts to an apprenticeship in the Christian life and mission.

on university campuses

Why University Students?

The future leaders of society and the Church are being formed on our university campuses today. These young people are making decisions that shape the course of their lives. Two-thirds of practicing Catholics will lose their faith once they attend university, let alone those who lack faith. CCO wants to bring Jesus to this strategic demographic by raising young people who can witness to their peers. We desire that CCO alumni will be lifelong disciples and mission-ready parishioners. 


CCO reaches out on campus and invites students to join small groups. Retreats, leadership opportunities, and mission experiences accelerate growth in holiness and mission. 

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In Parishes

CCO has expanded our influence through parish coaching. Since 2018, parish and diocesan directors of evangelization have been turning to CCO to orient their strategy for parish mission work. We equip leaders to make missionary disciples, build multiplying movements and create missionary culture, all through our method of Intentional Accompaniment.

How It Started

In 1988, two young university grads, André and Angèle Regnier felt an urgency to do something about the crisis of faith on the university campus.

Our Founders

While at university, André Regnier was in search of Christian fellowship. Although he met many wonderful, zealous and authentic young people from Evangelical churches and campus clubs, he wished that those same opportunities to grow in faith were available in a Catholic context.

Meanwhile Angèle who had a Protestant background was searching for Christian fellowship on campus as well. She grew in her faith life and evangelization skills through involvement in various campus ministries.

While the Lord was planting the seeds of his call to evangelization in André’s heart, he met Angèle at a Protestant conference. Together with André’s parish priest Fr. Clair Watrin, they came up with a strategy for a robust evangelizing campus ministry model that aimed to equip mission-ready leaders. Within a few months their journeys intertwined. Angèle became Catholic, they got married and they launched CCO at the University of Saskatchewan in fall of 1988. In fact, the first CCO faith study to a student on campus at the University of Saskatchewan while they were on their honeymoon. Ever since, our desire to build up leaders for the renewal of the world in Jesus has caught fire on campuses across Canada, with students taking up the torch to lead studies and accompany people.

Our Missionaries

30+ years later, CCO has grown to be a movement of over 100 full-time missionaries across Canada.

CCO Missionaries exist to proclaim Jesus for the renewal of the world. We are faithful, joy-filled and dedicated to our mission. We do this necessary work full-time and rely on the Lord’s providence for our salaries and ministry expenses. We need your prayer and financial partnership.

Board of Directors

Annual Report

Great Expectations is CCO’s the annual magazine containing our annual report. The desire of this publication is to bring hope that young people and the Church are being spiritually awakened and filled with zeal for evangelization. Great expectations is also one of CCO’s founding tenets which expresses hope and confidence in what God will do through us, with us and in us. “Now to him who by the power at work within us is able to accomplish abundantly far more than all we can ask or imagine.” (Ephesians 3:20)