Celebrating Pentecost

This Sunday is Pentecost, the day the world changed as the Holy Spirit came down upon the Apostles. If we are serious about our role as missionary disciples, we need to have the Holy Spirit as our constant guide and companion. With Him, twelve scared Jewish men

Brick by Brick – with Marc, Elizabeth & Alana

Brick by Brick, raising missionary disciple families. By the Regniers

This week I sit down with Marc, Elizabeth and Alana. All three of them have married in, or are marrying into the Regnier family, and share with us the impressions and misconceptions of the family they had when they first met. They discuss what they want to

Brick by Brick – With Mylene, Joel and Caleb

Unlike other books on family and parenting, Brick by Brick was written as a family! This week I, Gerhard, sit down with Mylene, Joel and Caleb and hear their stories growing up in the Regnier household. They share their experiences, some silly memories and what they want

Brick by Brick

Get a sneak peek at the latest book by Andre and Angele… …and their whole family! Written as a full family effort, the Regnier’s share their experiences raising a family of dedicated missionary disciples. Chock full of stories, insights and humour, Brick by Brick is a must

Campus Ministry – with Trevor Anzai

CCO is a university student movement for evangelization. Today Gerhard and Trevor sit down and discuss life on campus. New to the communications team after four years of campus ministry at Carleton University and Concordia University, Trevor shares his experiences and provides some insights that others involved

Paul, Barnabas & Timothy

Paul, Barnabas and Timothy

Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy walk into a bar… This didn’t happen in the Bible, but once you hear us out, you’ll see this could be a reality that happens to you. We know these three people in scripture, but they also stand for relationships that we have

A Vision

When the Holy Spirit moves, you follow. Intentional accompaniment has been something that we’ve been doing for decades here at CCO, and we see the Spirit calling us to build up the Church in the art of intentional accompaniment. Holly Leonard, the director for Ministry Training and

Happy Easter! Christ is risen!

Lent is 40 days, of sacrifice, prayer, and almsgiving. The Easter season last for 50 days, but how many of us celebrate the resurrection for the full season? Most of us just return to life as normal after lent, with no real conversion. Andre and Angele take

Five steps to a missionary disciple

Angele takes us through a deep dive into the five faith studies created by CCO. She breaks down the studies, where they came from, and why they are designed the way they are. Our studies are the most direct and effective tool at raising multiplying missionary disciples

It’s time to celebrate!

What do you do when someone has a conversion? What did others do for you when you had a conversion? Sadly for most of us, the answer is usually: nothing. Andre leads the conversation today on the necessity of celebrating conversions, both individually, as well as in