Foundations to Prayer Part 4: Yielding to God

by André Regnier In these blog posts, we’ve been working through some basics for personal daily prayer, using the “PRAY” model: praise, repent, ask, and yield. We spent time in worship, acknowledging who God is. This realization of who God is brought us into acknowledging our weaknesses

Foundations to Prayer Part 3: Asking

By André Regnier In these blog posts, I’m going through some basic first steps in prayer, using the acronym “PRAY”, which stands for Praise, Repent, Ask, and Yield.   So far we’ve talked done the first two.  We begin prayer by worshiping God, and then the realization of

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No Turning Back

“ADORATION. RISE UP 2013. OTTAWA. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!” *For those who are unfamiliar, Eucharistic Adoration is a time of worship and prayer where people honour and ‘adore’ Christ, who is present in the Eucharist. Cristina Bolzon attended CCO’s Annual Rise Up Conference for the first time, and

Foundations to Prayer Part 2: Repentance

By Andre Regnier At Rise Up, I promised to write some blog posts giving a basic introduction to developing a prayer life – our personal, daily conversation with God.   In my last blog post, I mentioned a model for prayer that I use myself.   It’s easy to

Greetings From Pope Francis to Rise Up Conference

On the occasion of our 25th Anniversary Rise Up Conference in Ottawa this past Christmas Season, Pope Francis took time to send CCO staff and participants of the conference his greetings, encouragement, and blessing in a letter via Ottawa’s Archbishop Prendergast, SJ. Because this letter is to

Read Jeff Lockert's Address from The Rise Up Banquet

Introduction Good Evening everyone! What a spectacular week. Would you agree? Thank you Fr. Rosica for your comments this evening. It is a special moment of providence tonight, as in this very room 12 years ago in 2001, Fr. Rosica first experienced CCO, as he spoke at