Seek and You Will Find

by Loretta Fritz I am a cradle Catholic: baptized, first communion, confirmation. My family went to church each Sunday. Faith was important. I had an experience of God at my confirmation when I was twelve, but by age eighteen, during Grade 12, I stopped saying the Creed.

Attitude in Faith Sharing

by Michelle Buissé The summer break has finally arrived and many of you are off to new adventures! Whether you are a student on mission or just returning home to a summer job, or a graduate starting their new career or off travelling the world, you will

Igniting The John Paul II Generation

Written by Jeff Lockert (note: this article originally appeared in the Spring ’05 edition of CCO’s Grapevine magazine) How could we, young people involved with Catholic Christian Outreach, demonstrate our gratitude and appreciation for the many gifts that Pope John Paul II has given to our movement?

John Paul II Novena Litany Prayers

NOVENA TO JOHN PAUL II Pope Born in Poland – May 18, 1920 Ordained a Priest – November 1, 1946 Ordained a Bishop – Sept 28, 1958 Elected Pope – October 16, 1978 Entered Eternal Life – April 2, 2005 Beatified – May 1, 2011 Novena –

John Paul II Novena – Day 6 of 9 – The Signature

Written by Brett Powell In the fall of 2004 an idea for the Rise UP commissioning night came to mind. “Let’s write a letter to Pope John Paul II and get everyone at the conference to sign it.” Subsequent to this, other ideas came to mind. When