The Language of Evangelization

“All that matters is Jesus be proclaimed this is what brings me joy.” Eph 3:20 At the closing banquet of the International gathering of Friends in the New Evangelization on Campus someone asked me what was the highlight of my day. I sat for a moment and

I Challenge You To A Dance-Off

I don’t know if this happens to everyone once they hit university and beyond but for me and most people I know there’s been a major new development: all our friends are getting married off. I’ve been to probably twenty weddings in the last three years, or

Two Miracles and More Encouragement

First miracle:  last night our air conditioner unit, dripped. A lot. It created a puddle on top of our dresser about a 2-3mm deep. Andre’s Macbook was sitting on that dresser. We panicked dried off the computer, but water continued from it. We removed the battery and