Canada Arise!

By André Regnier While at dinner with Archbishop Lacroix the other night, he looked me in the eye and he said with great conviction, “Now is the time for the new evangelization”.  He meant right now, not later.  Today I saw the Archbishop in the synod hall

Encouragement for CCO Grads

“We are unprofitable servants.  We have done what we were obliged to do” (Luke 17:10).  We all know what great joy it is to live in a personal relationship with Jesus and we share our faith and lead faith studies, not because we are particularly good at

My Life Was Changed Forever

Hi! My name is Annie Flaherty, I’m a fourth year graduate student from Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia. I’m 21 years old. I’m originally from Toronto, Ontario. I have two younger brothers. My background is in English and Theatre Studies so I’m very passionate about the performing

Sharing the Truth About Love

by Kendra Chisolm Last may, my friend updated her Facebook status, expressing her frustration towards a law regarding contraception and religious convictions. I immediately, and passionately, typed a lengthy paragraph addressing the issue in a way that I thought was logical, in hopes that she would see

Discovery Interactive Training

by Angele Regnier CCO is very proud to announce the public release of our online interactive training for the Discovery faith study! We believe this is one of the biggest things CCO has offered the Church to equip others to engage in the New Evangelization. Thousands have

Answering the Call

by – Nick Meisl Nick Meisl is a seminarian in the Archdiocese of Vancouver and has delcared his candidacy for the Priesthood, accepted by Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB. When I was younger, I sometimes felt a desire to become a priest, but I gradually ignored this

A Spirit Led Movement

by Julia Bolzon Last semester at McMaster University, there were 11 Discovery Faith Studies led by students on campus, and 40 students took a study for the first time! McMaster does not have a chapter of CCO present on campus nor any missionary staff working with our

Honouring Student Experiences

Li Xiaolong Mechanical Engineering Masters Student “The highlight of my semester and really of my whole life is my Baptism. God has adopted me with his love. Jesus saved me with his priceless blood and washed away all my sins through Baptism. I am so blessed to

I Found Treasure in Heaven

Being born and ­­­raised as a part of a Roman Catholic family, religion was always more like a chore to me. I only went to Mass because my parents made me and I observed God more as an object, and rarely related to Him on a personal


Remember those times when you were a kid that you got into a heap of trouble? That barely ever happened to me. I was the ideal child growing up: obedient, quiet, loving, hard-working – I can go on and on with my amazing traits. Don’t listen to