Accepting the Call to Serve

Serving on the 2012-2013 Core Team as President has been one of the most fruitful and amazing experiences of my university career and it’s crazy to think about how I almost ended up not being a part of it. I have always been really involved and last

Would You Cross the Whole Country?

Being called to be missionary also comes with a great call to abandonment tothe Lord; abandonment to His will, to His call, to wherever He wants me to go. I will go anywhere you want me to go, do anything you want me to do, say anything you want

Hope Overcomes Suffering

Being Catholic has provided me with a unique perspective on health, illness, suffering and death. My practice is heavily influenced by my faith and my purpose in this profession is continually being shown to me in often astonishing ways. In my personal and limited experience, hopelessness is

Who's Up For Chowbucks?

Last year (2012) CCO Vancouver held a Coffee House, where young adults and students got to showcase their various talents through music, skits, dance, and comedy. It was a great evening of fellowship and there was a lot of great talent! Or so I heard…..I was relegated

Something Was Missing

If you had asked me two months ago to tell you about God I would have said that He’s this big guy up in heaven that only does things on Earth when He feels like it. I was told my whole life that He loved me, but

Friends Matter

In the fall of 2012 I moved to Calgary to start my degree in nursing at the University of Calgary. When I first moved I knew no one, and began making friends with a lot of the other students in my dormitory. We spent the first week

Call To Staff

At seventeen, entering the University of Ottawa, I knew what my plan was: to graduate with a biochemistry degree, go to medical school, and work as a cardiologist. But God’s plan for me was slightly different, to say the least. My father’s insistence led me to involvement


I grew up in a loving, Catholic home. We said the rosary every night and even did catechism training every week with my parents. Despite this, I still did not know who Jesus was or what he was for. Religion to me was rules, and if you

Call To Staff

I am a product of the New Evangelization. Although I grew up in a very loving Catholic home, I wasn’t aware of God the Fathers love for me personally, or the manifestation of that love in the gift of Jesus; His life, death and resurrection. That realization


My first year at UBC brought about a big change in my life. Before university being Catholic was normal. My parents were practicing Catholics, and took me to church every Sunday, we would pray as a family, and were involved in the community. I attended a Catholic