Living by Providence

Ultimately, we all live by Providence, trusting God for our needs. And for CCO missionaries, living by Providence has a distinct component: partnering with supporters who give the funds for missionary salaries and expenses. In this episode, Angele talks with Andrew Nobauer and Joseph Murphy about what

Missionary Culture

This podcast is a discussion about mission in the Church. “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”; Often we spend a lot of time on strategy in our parishes only to be disappointed with the results. One reason may be a lack of culture to back us the strategy.

The 3 Ms of a Movement

Angèle is joined again by Michael and Holly to discuss the 3 Ms of a Movement. A movement is a group of people united under a mission. The 3 Ms emphasize the key factors that keep the integrity of a movement: Multiplication, Momentum, and Management. #MDP Facebook:

Ignatian Discernment (With bonus workshop!)

Discernment is about making a decision between two things. St. Ignatius has given us three ways to determine what the Lord is saying and how He is calling us to act. This teaser episode recaps what Angèle discussed in her Rise Up 2019 workshop.

The Rise Up Report

This week Andre and Angèle discuss Rise Up, CCO’s yearly national Catholic young adult conference. God very clearly challenged us to build the city of God inside the city of man, echoing the words of Pope St. John Paul II in at World Youth Day Toronto 2002.

Campus Phases: Preparation

In this episode, Angèle is joined by Holly Leonard and Joel Regnier to discuss the first of the campus phases: preparation. Team bonding, time for prayer and planning, and outlining and delegating tasks set you up to do well in the next phases. These phases are cyclical,

Great Expectations

Angèle, Holly and Jackie discuss Great Expectations. How do you think about and approach your people in a place of hope and faith? It’s a mindset, but also an attitude.


Andre and Angèle are joined by Fr. Sean Wenger, CC, to discuss conversion—the heart of evangelization. As missionary disciples, we must remember that Jesus can and does change lives; this is the good news everyone is looking for.

The Name of Jesus

It is the feast of the Holy Name of Jesus! We love Jesus, don’t you? André and Angèle are joined again by Fr. Sean Wenger to discuss the power and promise of the name of our Lord.